1st Edition

Working In Hotels and Catering

By Roy C Wood Copyright 1992

    First Published in 1992. The hotel and catering industry is one of the most heterogeneous of industries, consisting as it does of businesses ranging from the most humble cafe to the largest luxury hotel. Strong images of the glamorous nature of the work are often conjured up by the popular media and sit alongside the lures o f an industry in which it is theoretically possible to rise to the top from the very lowest levels. This book provides an insight into the circumstances under which hotel and catering services are provided in reality. It is the first text to provide an overview of existing research in the industry, and Wood’s account is both wide-ranging and accessible. He highlights many previously overlooked aspects of the industry, including such characteristics as low wages, high labour turnover, lack of unionisation, and heavy-handed management, which are identified and explored in such a way as to illuminate current practice.

    Acknowledgements, 1. Sociology, work and the hotel and catering industry, 2. Organising themes in the study of hotel and catering work, 3. Occupations in the hotel and catering industry, 4. Issues and controversies in hotel and catering work I: personnel management, labour turnover and the role of trade unions, 5. Issues and controversies in hotel and catering work II: deskilling and work flexibility, 6. Accommodating decline? The future of hotel and catering work, References, Name index, Subject index


    Roy C Wood