5th Edition

Working in America Continuity, Conflict, and Change in a New Economic Era

Edited By Amy Wharton Copyright 2023
    328 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    328 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This leading, comprehensive text for courses on the sociology of work covers many vital new topics since the last edition (2015), just as it continues to offer foundational writings and discusses different types of jobs, inequality and intersectionality, work and family, and more.

    New to this edition:
    • The gig economy and new digital platforms and their effects on how work is organized.
    • Precarious work and precarious workers, changes that reflect fundamental changes in employment relationships, increased job insecurity, and how people think about their jobs.
    • The new retail, from customer interactions to a world where consumption is driven by data science.
    • The latest research on call centers as the archetypal 21st-century workplace, illustrating many important issues about interactive work, transnational workplaces, gender, etc.
    • The post-pandemic workplace, including essential workers and frontline workers, healthcare work and care workers; job flexibility, and implications for gender, work, and family.

    Part I: Conceptual Foundations

    1. Alienated Labour

    Karl Marx

    2. Bureaucracy

    Max Weber

    3. Fundamentals of Scientific Management

    Frederick Winslow Taylor

    4. The Division of Labor

    Harry Braverman

    5. The Managed Heart

    Arlie Hochschild

    Part II: The New Workplace

    6. The Rise of the Temp Economy in America

    Erin Hatton

    7. Beyond Carrots and Sticks: How Outsourcing Companies Manufacture Effort via "Permanent Pedagogy"

    Jeffrey J. Sallaz

    8. Work and Identity: How Precarious Workers Respond to ‘Personal Branding’ Discourse

    Steven P. Vallas and Angèle Christin

    9. Precarious Futures: How White-Collar Workers Experience Unemployment

    Benjamin H. Snyder

    10. Being Nowhere in the World: Indian Call Center Operators and the Transnational Service Economy

    Kiran Mirchandani

    Part III: On The Job

    11. Algorithmic Control in Platform Food Delivery Work

    Kathleen Griesbach, Adam Reich, Luke Elliott-Negri, and Ruth Milkman

    12. Cool Clothes and Fun Times? Consumer Identity in Retail Clothing Work

    Kyla Walters and Joya Misra

    13. ‘I Can Never Be Too Comfortable’: Race, Gender, and Emotion at the Hospital Bedside

    Marci D. Cottingham, Austin H. Johnson, and Rebecca J. Erickson

    14. Creative Freelancers: Occupational Community and Crowdsourced Work

    David Schwartz

    15. The Portfolio Ideal Worker: Insecurity and Inequality in the New Economy

    Megan Tobias Neely

    Part IV: The Changed Landscape Of Opportunity

    16. Mock Schedules and the Meaning of ‘Flexible Employment’ for Undocumented Workers

    Brian W. Halpin

    17. Working for Redemption: Incarcerated Black Women and Punishment in the Labor Market

    Susila Gurusami

    18. Moral Storytelling: Employers’ Use of Credit Reports in Hiring Decisions

    Barbara Kiviat

    19. How Does a Silicon Valley Company Approach Gender Equality Change?

    Alison T. Wynn

    20. How Much is Too Much? The High Pay of CEOs

    Esra Burak

    Part V: Work And Family

    21. How Do Mothers Make Sense of Work-Family Conflict? A Cross-National Interview Study

    Caitlyn Collins

    22. Signaling Parenthood: Managing the Motherhood Penalty and Fatherhood Premium in the U.S. Service Sector

    Sigrid Luhr

    23. Returning to Work After a Job Loss: How Class and Gender Shape Workers’ Decisions

    Sarah Damaske

    24. The Gendered Pandemic: The Implications of COVID‐19 for Work and Family

    Jill E. Yavorsky, Yue Qian, and Amanda C. Sargent


    Amy S. Wharton is Professor Emerita of Sociology at Washington State University, USA.

    "To my knowledge, there are no books that offer a wide and diverse set of readings on work experience in America."
    Stephen Sweet, Ithaca College

    "Working in America has been the backbone of my work courses since its publication. The articles and excerpts in this reader help my students understand work as a site where the inequalities of gender, race, class, and sexual orientation are recreated and perpetuated."
    Kevin D. Henson, Loyola University Chicago

    "The book offers a variety of materials that allow me the flexibility to offer a broad scope and challenging class."
    William T. Clute, University of Nebraska at Omaha