1st Edition

Working with Women and AIDS Medical, Social and Counselling Issues

    Women now account for one third of the ten million people with HIV infection worldwide. Yet until very recently most services were geared towards men, and doctors and other professionals were often unprepared for the particular issues that women would raise. Working with Women and AIDS provides a unique and readable combination of up-to-date medical information, a discussion of social issues, personal accounts and practical advice about ways of working with women affected by HIV and AIDS. Written by people working in the field, the book explores issues such as contraception, pregnancy and prostitution, which are of central concern to those involved in the care of the increasing number of women affected by HIV infection and AIDS.

    Introduction Part I Background issues 1 Women and the AIDS epidemic: some medical facts and figures 2 Social issues: an overview 3 Reflections on women and HIV/AIDS in New York City and the United States Part II Contraception and pregnancy 4 Pregnancy, heterosexual transmission and contraception 5 Pregnancy and HIV: screening, counselling and services Part III Prostitution 6 HIV and the sex industry 7 Developing a service for prostitutes in Glasgow Part IV Education and counselling issues 8 Education and the prevention of HIV infection 9 Offering safer sex counselling to women from drug-using communities 10 Women as carers Part V Feelings and needs 11 Feelings and needs of women who are HIV positive 12 Being positive 13 Poems


    Judy Bury is the Primary Care Facilitator (HIV/AIDS) for the Lothian Health Board; Val Morrison is a Research Psychologist in Health Psychology at the University of St Andrews; and Sheena McLachlan is a Project Worker with the Women and HIV/ AIDS Network in Lothian.

    `An important contribution in the area,it can be recommended for all people who wish to work with women and AIDS, or are involved in the planning, support, of funding of those who do.' - Drug & Alchol Review Vol 12 No 3

    `... useful and readable paperback ...' - The Samaritan

    `Anyone working in HIV-prevention or working with women who are already HIV-postive or who have AIDS will find this book valuable.' - Community Care

    `This is an interesting, informative and in many ways pioneering book. It brings together issues of central concern to women with HIV/AIDS ... the book will be of interest to all health-care professionals and social workers.' - Nursing Times

    `...highly recommended for (its) eloquent insight and recomendations for service provision ... leave(s) the reader with a sense of optimism and pride.'

    `...well-written and user friendly. Kate Thomson and Ruth Gilfillan's contributions to the book are invaluable and courageous. Their experiences teach us a lot as professionals and human beings. This is a thought-provoking book for anyone working with women who are HIV positive or have AIDS.' - Care Weekly