1st Edition

Workplace Safety and Health Assessing Current Practices and Promoting Change in the Profession

By Thomas D. Schneid Copyright 2014
    227 Pages 72 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    227 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Are the tried and true safety practices still effective in the changing workplace? Is there a better way of safeguarding employees from accidents and injuries? In short, why do you perform the safety activities that you do on a daily basis and do they produce the results necessary to keep your safety program and your company competitive in the global market? Answering these questions and more, Workplace Safety and Health: Assessing Current Practices and Promoting Change in the Profession analyzes the current practices and identifies emerging issues and challenges in the safety and health profession.

    We Need a Game Changer … A New Way of Achieving a Safe and Healthful Workplace

    Safety pioneer and educator Thomas Schneid makes a strong case that mandatory compliance with OSHA regulations is only the first step in a safety program. And that, due to globalization and the current emphasis on sustainability, the requirements of the safety profession have changed. He explores new sources of information and guidance for addressing the new and emerging issues created by the current economic situation, globalization, and the changing workplace. He also identifies and analyzes emerging ethical issues within the safety and health profession, then suggests potential solutions.

    Schneid then examines the basic assumptions and challenges you to assess and evaluate your activities in search of a better and more effective way of achieving the results necessary to be competitive in today’s workplace. Taking a provocative look at the current issues facing the safety profession, he shows you how to view safety activities and actions from a different perspective and see the real impact they have on the lives of others. He gives you the tools you need to go beyond OSHA compliance and develop safety programs that will be effective in the global workplace and create and maintain a safe workplace that eliminates all injuries and illnesses.

    Is There a Loss of Trust in the Workplace?
    Why Compliance?
    Value-Based Leadership in Safety
    Empowerment in Safety and Health
    Impact of Hiring and Discipline in Safety
    Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
    Rethinking Workers’ Compensation
    Creating Safety Creativity in the Workplace
    How May I Help You?
    Rethinking the Employment Relationship
    Safety Impacts Everything
    ADA and the Impact on Safety and Health
    Impact of Happiness on Safety
    Here Are Your OSHA Citations!
    Future of the Safety and Health Profession
    Appendix A: Analyzing and Briefing a Court Decision
    Appendix B: Surfing the OSHA Website
    Appendix C: Developing a Compliance Program
    Appendix D: Citation Document Taken From the OSHA Website
    Appendix E: Defenses to OSHA Alleged Violations
    Appendix F: What Is a Variance?
    Appendix G: Building an Inspection Checklist
    Appendix H: Safety Auditing
    Appendix I: Action Planning Document


    Thomas D. Schneid

    … the author is extremely knowledgeable and innovative in his approach to the challenges facing the field of professional safety practice.
    —Dr. Joseph Cali, Slippery Rock University

    a valuable resource for safety professionals responsible for enterprise safety programs ... .
    —Daniel E. Della-Giustina, Professor & Past Chair of Safety Management at West Virginia. University

    One capability of professional competent occupational safety practitioners is to be able to accurately assess exposures, characterize risk, determine control and prevention measures and manage operations with practices that are focused on continuous improvement, this book is a vital resource for building that capability.
    —Anthony Veltri, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Oregon State University

    "There is particularly interesting content on the important role health and safety professionals can play in a company’s recruitment process and in disciplinary procedures (after health and safety violations). … Schneid challenges the reader to help raise the health and safety profession’s game and suggests ways in which they can energise employees’ "safety creativity" to bring about a cultural shift in attitude and ways of thinking about safety."
    —Donald Muir for healthandsafetyatwork.com, November 2014

    "The book is very well illustrated with colorful maps, symbols, fonts, and websites that give us the show part of the "show and tell" and make things even more clear. Muehlenhaus writes with knowledge, experience, and humor which further makes this an excellent text for undergrads to those who have started cartography with pen and ink."
    Rebecca Lowery, Map and Data Services Librarian, The University of Illinois at Chicago in WAML Information Bulletin, Vol. 45, No 3