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Workshops in Perception

ISBN 9781138200647
Published March 12, 2019 by Routledge
194 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1981, Workshops in Perception is designed to enable students to devise their own experiments in sensory processes or perception. The thirty workshops include over a hundred different possible student projects covering the full range of the senses and interactions among them. The topics range from simple perimetry to the perception of language and social situations. In addition to more traditional topics such as illusions, adaptation and after-effects, they include lifespan perceptual development, musical illusions, and even a consumer-oriented study of road atlases. Each of the ten major sections has a general introduction to the topic with suggestions for reading. Each workshop has a more specific introduction to its topic, and an experiment outlined. A typical outline will suggest more independent variables than a student can handle, and it is up to the student to select the variables he considers important and to choose the appropriate levels of the variables. Although many suggestions are made regarding the actual running of each workshop, deciding precisely how to carry out the experiment is left up to the student. Pilot work and consultation with the tutor is encouraged. Suggestions for the form of the analysis are made, but again the details are left to the student. Several alternatives to the main workshop are outlined briefly, and these are suited to the more adventurous or advanced student. Thus the book is suited to students with a wide range of ability.

Table of Contents

Preface.  Introduction to the Workshops.  Seeing  1. Peripheral Colour Vision  2. The Pulfrich Stereophenomenon  3. Searching for Names on Maps.  Hearing  4. Musical Illusions  5. The Verbal Transformation Effect  6. Human Echo Perception.  Tasting and Smelling  7. Human Olfactory Communication  8. Odour-Taste Interactions  9. Tastes of Sub-adapting Concentrations.  Skin and Body Senses  10. The Effect of Feedback on the Two-point Touch Threshold  11. Touch After-effects Contingent on Orientation  12. Bodily Perception of the Vertical.  Interacting Modalities  13. Visual Dominance  14. The Size-Weight Illusion  15. The Role of Vision in Auditory Localisation. Constancy and Illusion  16. The Horizontal-Vertical Illusion in the Great Outdoors  17. The Microgenesis of Illusions  18. Constancy and Illusory Judgments of Motion.  Adaptation and After-Effects  19. The McCollough Effect  20. Motion After-effects and Interocular Transfer  21. Visual After-images.  Perceptual Development  22. The Visual Cliff  23. Auditory-Visual Coordination  24. Lifespan Development of Perception.  Perception of Language  25. Perceptual Span in Reading  26. Listening to Compressed Speech  27. Speechreading.  Social Perception  28. Cross-modality Scaling of Money  29. Perception of ‘Mental illness’  30. Gender-of-Gait Perception.

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