1st Edition

Workspace Made Easy A clear and practical guide on how to create a fantastic work environment

By Kursty Groves, Neil Usher Copyright 2025
    218 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    218 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Demystifying the entire workspace industry, for the non-expert and expert alike, this unique book sets out every step and consideration in how to lead a project to create a fantastic workspace.

    Entirely free of baffling jargon and industry-speak, it’s a refreshingly accessible, practical, down-to-earth guide applicable to all types of workspace, new or renovated and anywhere in the world. Created by two leading workspace practitioners with over half a century of combined multi-sector international experience, this book maps the process from initial idea to finished product and beyond in a succinct, logical and easy-to-follow question and answer style. It helps the reader instantly become a better project leader, and, for all those firms they’ll deal with, a more informed and prepared client.

    Supported by amusing and informative true stories throughout, the book is an indispensable guide that is sure to become an industry standard.

    Part I: What do we need and why?  1. Check-in: Where are we now?  2. Understand: What have we got?  3. Define: What do we want?  Part II: How do we make our workspace real?  4. Set-up: How will we run the project?  5. Locate: How can we find the workspace we need?  6. Design: What will our new workspace be like?  Part III: How do we make our workspace happen?  7. Deliver: How will we build our workspace?  8. Activate: How will we make the most of our workspace?  9. Evolve: How will we live with our new workspace?


    Kursty Groves is a leading workplace strategist and professor with over 25 years’ experience in workspace innovation and design. Author, podcast host and international conference speaker, she's known for her insightful approach to creating inspiring work environments.

    Neil Usher is an internationally experienced workplace creator and change leader with over 30 years’ senior-level client-side and advisory experience. He’s the author of several books, a prolific blogger and a regular speaker, known for bringing a fresh perspective while challenging assumptions and myths.

    “This is a book that does just what the title says. In plain language, with large helpings of common sense and leavened with humour, Kursty and Neil take the reader through all the stages of developing a workspace change project, while pointing out possible pitfalls en route. Sharing their great expertise in such accessible form has produced a gem of a book for non-specialists and specialists alike.”

    Andy Lake, Author of Beyond Hybrid Working and Director of Flexibility.co.uk 

    Workspace Made Easy is truly a lifesaver for anyone trying to comprehend the requirements of a workspace change project, and it serves as a thorough guide to crafting functional and inspiring workspace. The book can help beginners to avoid major mistakes, and for those with experience, it can serve as a tool for improvement and better project management. The balance of providing a wealth of valuable advice while ensuring that every essential aspect receives equal attention allows the book to be comprehensive without overwhelming the reader.”

    Mervi Huhtelin, Manager, Strategic Urban Development, City of Tampere, Finland

    Workspace Made Easy is the most exceptionally practical and comprehensive guide I've ever seen/read. With its foundation in real-world scenarios, careful attention to detail, and clear focus on the importance of the change process, Groves and Usher leave no stone unturned in addressing critical details often overlooked in Real Estate projects, from power-outlet counts to installation schedules. The book's discussion of "Change Activity" is another highlight, presenting the concept in a straightforward and easily digestible manner, in contrast to the complicated explanations found in many other resources. The consistent focus on change throughout Part Three is a valuable reminder of its central role in successful Real Estate transformations. This book is a game-changer, ensuring success in any workspace transformation project.”

    Momcilo Pavlovic, Workplace Support Leader, Group Strategy, Development & Innovation, Ingka Group (IKEA)

    “To say Workspace Made Easy is a ‘paint by numbers’ guide to workplace change would oversimplify the level of thought and detail that Kursty and Neil have gone into with this book and yet it is just that. It will take both professionals (everyone needs reminders) and novices alike on a simple journey down an often over-complicated route to creating that fantastic workspace.”

    Robert Fretwell, Space Management, Airbus UK

    “Love this book – it truly captures the full life cycle of modern workspace thinking and the changes to ways of working that businesses in their thousands are adapting to. From challenge to solution and the tools to get you there, all in one place. But most importantly, for those new to the game, those in the game and those champions you need within your business to understand the best possible outcome and delivery, this is the perfect guide for all. Ignore Kursty’s and Neil’s expertise at your peril. It really makes it seem so easy, and it can be if your project is delivered like this. The book’s articulation of the scope of thoughts you need to consider and why is spot-on. Before my next project I will be issuing this book to my business leads to enable comprehensive, informed decisions with confidence (and to make my life easier!).”

    Graeme Elliott, Head of Workspace, Global

    “Finally! A book that simply explains the process of building a great workspace.”

    Timothy Ahrensbach, Head of Workplace Innovation, The LEGO Group

    “Creating a workspace fit for the contemporary world of work is a complex and sensitive issue. Kursty and Neil have swept away those challenges with a practical and brilliantly comprehensive guide to building something magical for your team.”

    Bruce Daisley, Bestselling author of Fortitude and The Joy of Work