2nd Edition

World History Journeys from Past to Present - VOLUME 2: From 1500 CE to the Present

By Candice Goucher, Linda Walton Copyright 2013
    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    World History: Journeys from Past to Present uses common themes to present an integrated and comprehensive survey of human history from its origins to the present day. By weaving together thematic and regional perspectives in coherent chronological narratives, Goucher and Walton transform the overwhelming sweep of the human past into a truly global story that is relevant to the contemporary issues of our time.

    Revised and updated throughout, the second edition of this innovative textbook combines clear chronological progression with thematically focused chapters. In this volume, chapters are divided into three parts as follows:

     PART 4. BRIDGING WORLDS (1300-1800 CE)

    PART 5. TRANSFORMING LIVES (1500-1900)


    The expanded new edition boasts an impressive full-color design with a host of illustrations, maps and primary source excerpts integrated throughout. Chapter opening timelines supply context for the material ahead, while end of chapter questions and annotated additional resources provide students with the tools for independent study. Each chapter and part boasts introductory and summary essays that explain and guide the reader in comprehending the relevant theme.

    In addition, the companion website offers a range of resources including an interactive historical timeline, an indispensable study skills section for students, tips for teaching and learning thematically, and PowerPoint slides, lecture material and discussion questions in a password protected area for instructors. This textbook provides a basic introduction for all students of World History, while at the same time incorporating the thematic perspectives that encourage critical thinking, link to globally relevant contemporary issues, and stimulate further study.


    List of Illustrations and Acknowledgements. Preface. PART 4: Bridging Worlds 13. Commerce and Change: Building a World System 14 Traditions and their Transformations 15. Maritime Worlds: The Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean Worlds 16. Landings: Boundaries, Frontiers and Encounters PART 5: Transforming Lives 17. Crucibles of Change: Material Worlds and Social Lives 18. The Nation-State, Nationalism and Revolution 19. The Industrial Revolution and its Global Consequences PART 6. Forging a Global Community 20. Tentacles of Empire: The New Imperialism and New Nationalisms, 1800-1914 21. Global Order and Disorder: War and Peace 22. Resistance and Revolution in the Long Twentieth Century 23. The New Globalization: Technology and the Environment 24. Globalization, World History, and Human Identity PART 7: Summary. Glossary. Index


    Candice Goucher is Professor of History at Washington State University, Vancouver. Linda Walton is Professor of History at Portland State University, Oregon.

    "Authors Candace Goucher and Linda Walton have come up with a concise readable narrative of world history from 1300 CE to the present that works well for a survey course... A good comprehensive narrative history replete with good maps and a writing style that draws students in and makes the study of world history relevant." - Joseph Stoll, Teaching History