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    by Routledge

    The World Perspectives series presented short books written by some of the most eminent thinkers of the 20th Century. Each volume discusses the interrelation of the changing religious, scientific, artistic, political, economic and social influences on the human experience.

    This set reissues 9/10 of the volumes originally published between 1957 and 1965 and presents the thought and belief of its author and discuss:

    • The role of architecture on social well-being and democracy
    • The problems of international cooperation
    • The impact of increased technology on global society
    • The philosophies of logical positivism and materialism
    • The meaning and function of language.

    1. Konrad Adenauer. Translated by Clara and Richard Winston World Indivisible 978-1-032-18667-2

    2. Kenneth Boulding The Meaning of the Twentieth Century. 978-1-032-18912-3

    3. Vere Gordon Childe Society and Knowledge. 978-1-032-18037-3

    4. Martin C. D'Arcy The Meeting of Love and Knowledge. 978-1-032-18085-4

    5. Walter Gropius Scope of Total Architecture. 978-1-032-18097-7

    6. Moses Hadas Humanism. 978-1-032-18703-7

    7. Lewis Mumford The Transformations of Man. 978-1-032-18114-1

    8. Mario Pei Voices of Man. 978-1-032-18131-8

    9. Edmund W. Sinnott Matter, Mind and Man. 978-1-032-18226-1.


    Ruth Nanda Anshen