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1st Edition

World Soybean Research Conference II

ISBN 9780367216818
Published December 18, 2020 by CRC Press
914 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains seventy-four of the papers presented at the World Soybean Research Conference II held in March 26-29, 1979, at North Carolina State University. It serves as an excellent resource for students and scientists involved in various phases of soybean research.

Table of Contents

Keynote Addresses 1. Desirable Qualities of Soybeans-Japanese Viewpoints 2. Sharing Agricultural Technology Mineral Nutrition 3. Cation Nutrition and Ion Balance 4. Response of Soybeans to Liming on Acid Tropical Soils 5. Mineral Nutrition and Nodulation Nitrogen Fixation 6. Nitrogen Input with Emphasis on N2 Fixation in Soybeans 7. Rhizogenetics of Soybeans 8. Rhizobium Inoculation and Soybean Production Physiology 9. Amino Acid Loading and Transport in Phloem 10. Nitrogen Translocation in the Xylem of Soybeans 11. Coupling Between Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation 12. Regulation of Senescence 13. Effect of Pod Filling on Leaf Photosynthesis in Soybeans 14. Postponement of Severe Water Stress in Soybeans by Rooting Modifications: A Progress Report Breeding 15. Role of Classical Breeding Procedure in Improvement of Self-Pollinated Crops 16. Population Improvement in Self-Pollinated Crops 17. Long- and Short-Term Recurrent Selection in Finite Populations-Choice of Population Size 18. Strategies for lntrogressing Exotic Germplasm in Breeding Programs 19. Role of Physiology in Soybean Breeding 20. Accomplishments and Priorities in Plant Breeding 21. Mobilization, Conservation and Utilization of Soybean Germplasm in the USSR Entomology 22. Systems Approach to Pest Management in Soybeans 23. Interactions of Control Tactics in Soybeans 24. Pest Problems of Soybeans and Control in Nigeria 25. Soybean Insects and Their Natural Enemies in Brazil-A Comparison with the Southern United States 26. Soybean Insect Problems in India 27. Insect Problems of Soybeans in the United States 28. Entomopathogens for Control of Insect Pests of Soybeans 29. Insect Pest Management in North Carolina Soybeans Plant Pathology 30. Role of Phomopsis Sp. in the Soybean Seed Rot Problem 31. Research on Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot: Isolation, Testing Procedures, and Seven New Physiologic Races Weed Control 32. Ecological Factors Affecting Weed Competition in Soybeans 33. Weed Control Systems in the Corn Belt States 34. Weed Control Systems in Southern U.S. Production 35. Foliar Fertilization of Soybeans During Seed-Filling 36. Factors Affecting the Response of Soybeans to Molybdenum Application 37. Soybean Harvesting Equipment: Recent Innovations and Current Status 38. Critical Factors in Soybean Seedling Emergence Engineering 39. Mechanization Alternatives for Small Acreages in Less-Developed Countries 40. Soil Conservation Practices in Soybean Production 41. Equipment for Narrow-Row and Solid Plant Soybeans 42. Soybean Damage Detection 43. Drying Methods and the Effect on Soybean Quality 44. Soybean Seed Storage Under Controlled and Ambient Conditions in Tropical Environments Modeling Soybean Systems 45. Simulation for Research and Crop Management 46. Simulation of Insect Damage to Soybeans 47. Simulation of the Vegetative and Reproductive Growth of Soybeans 48. Application of Modeling to Irrigation Management of Soybeans 49. A Mathematical Model for the Threshing and Separating of Soybeans 50. Simulation Applications in Soybean Drying Research Techniques 51. Application of Von Bertalanffy's Equation to Soybean Growth Modeling 52. Simulation of Soil Compaction Under Tractor Wheels Utilization-Oils 53. Raw Material and Soybean Oil Quality 54. Nutritional Aspects of Soybean Oil Utilization 55. Food and Industrial Uses of Soybean Lecithin 56. Industrial Uses of Soybean Oil Utilization-Protein 57. Anti-Nutritional Factors as Determinants of Soybean Quality 58. Soy Protein Product Characteristics 59. Analysis of Soy Protein in Meat Products 60. Oriental Soybean Foods 61. Foods from Whole Soybeans Protein and Oil 62. Soybeans in World Trade 63. Soybean Proteins in Human Nutrition 64. Pricing Soybeans on the Basis of Chemical Constituents Agribusiness 65. Protectionism in Trade-Expansion in Oilseeds 66. Demand for Soybeans and Soybean Meal in the European Common Market 67. Improving Grades and Standards for Soybeans 68. Role of Soy Protein Products in National Development Marketing, Transport and Storage 69. Principal Determinants of Variations in Soybean Prices 70. Soy Oil Utilization-Current Situation and Potential 71. Risk Management in Marketing Soybeans 72. Competitive Position of New Oilseed Sunflowers with Soybeans 73. Exporting Soybeans Through the Mississippi River Gulf Port 74. Soybean Processing lndustry-U.S. and Foreign

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