6th Edition

World War II
A Global History

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ISBN 9780367150976
May 31, 2021 Forthcoming by Routledge
464 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Fully revised and restructured, the 6th edition of World War II: A Global History offers students a concise and yet thorough textbook that examines history’s bloodiest conflict. The chapters alternate between chronological chapters on Europe and Asia-Pacific and thematic chapters on innovations, home fronts, brutal regimes, and logistics. This textbook includes the following features:

  • A lively narrative of facts, events, people, and ideas that incorporates thoughtful analysis.
  • New material and restructured content on global factors that affected the causes, conduct, and consequences of World War II.
  • Balanced pace that does not bog readers down in too many details yet gives them sufficient depth and breadth for context.
  • Chapters, sections, and sidebars arranged in ways that can complement lectures and assignments.
  • 50 new photographs that illustrate the human condition and weaponry during World War II.

Global in focus, by blending both geographic and thematic chapters to ensure readers gain a comprehensive understanding of impact of the war worldwide, this is the perfect volume for all students of the biggest global conflict of the twentieth century.

Table of Contents

1. The Great War and the Treaty of Versailles, 1914-1920

2. Restoring Normalcies and Rising Threats, 1920-1929

3. The Global Depression, Start of the Asian-Pacific War, and Rise of Nazi Germany, 1929-1939 

4. Innovation and Stagnation of Technologies, 1919-1941

5. Start of War in Europe and German Triumphs, 1939-1940

6. Fighting in Scandinavia, the Soviet Union, the Balkans, and North Africa, 1939-1941

7. Brutal New Orders: Germany in Europe and Japan in the Asia-Pacific

8. America’s Stumbling Path to War and Japan’s Tide of Victories, 1939-1942

9. Turning the Tide in Asia and the Pacific, 1942-1944

10. Turning the Tide in the Soviet Union and the Mediterranean, 1942-1944

11. Contesting Logistics in the Air and at Sea

12. Total Wars on the Home Fronts

13. Winning on Four Fronts in Europe, 1944-1945

14. Winning on Four Fronts in Asia and the Pacific, 1944-1945

15. From Hot War to Cold War, From Total War to Limited War

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Michael J. Lyons is Emeritus Professor of History at North Dakota State University, USA. He is author of the previous editions of World War II: A Short History and of World War I: A Short History.

David J. Ulbrich directs the online M.A. in Military History Program at Norwich University, USA. He is co-author of Race and Gender in Modern Western Warfare and of the second edition of Ways of War: American Military History from the Colonial Era to the Twenty-First Century.


"Longstanding as a widely used standard as a main course text for the study of the Second World War, this revised edition brings a classic up to date with authority. Important discussions on such central themes as the diplomacy of war, intelligence, strategic bombing, and the Pacific War help this latest edition do just what a survey is supposed to do: provide students with a sure-footed critical introduction to the breadth, depth and context of the pivotal conflict of the Twentieth Century"

Brian P. Farrell is Professor of Military History at the National University of Singapore and author of The Basis and Making of British Grand Strategy 1940-1943: Was There a Plan? and The Defence and Fall of Singapore 1940-1942

"This 6th edition updated by David Ulbrich promises to bring to undergraduates a more comprehensive account of the Second World War, its origins, and its impact in a more concise length and format. Moreover, Ulbrich has balanced individual agency with the larger forces of history and integrated in aspects of the New Military History and Cultural Studies such as life on home fronts. Upper division undergraduates and their professors will also benefit from the extensive supplemental readings lists, as well as the visual aids throughout the work."

Hal M. Friedman, Associate Chair and Professor of Modern History, Henry Ford College, and author of Creating an American Lake: United States Imperialism and Strategic Security in the Pacific Basin, 1945-1947

"In World War II: A Global History, David Ulbrich expertly and concisely tells the story of World War II in a way that brings the latest historical research and analysis into our understanding of the twentieth century's deadliest conflict. This revised edition is a rare example of a textbook that not only captures the global context of the conflict, but also presents a comprehensive timeline of the events that led the world into the cauldron of war."   

Colin M. Colbourn, Ph.D., Lead Historian, Project Recover, and author of The Marines