1st Edition

World War II in Europe An Encyclopedia

Edited By David T. Zabecki
    1550 Pages
    by Routledge

    World War II defined the 20th century and shaped many events, from the decolonization of Africa to the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall. This encyclopedia offers a focused overview of this complex and volatile era, the circumstances that led up to war, the underlying causes, its unfolding and consequences. Organized for quick and precise access More than 1300 entries by 150 experts are arranged in six sections for easy reference and consultation. All the key ideas, events, actions, weapons, individuals, and organizations that played vital roles in the war are covered, from the Axis Pact to the Arab League, from the OSS to the Africa Korps, from the Chetniks to the Jedburghs, from the battle of Kursk to Operation Mincemeat, from Bill Donovan to Otto Skorzeny, from Gestapo to SMERSH, from Georgi Zhukov to Jean Leclerc, from the 88 gun to the Norden Bombsight. Covers important neglected subjects The Encyclopedia puts special emphasis on the often-neglected operations in Eastern Europe and Russia. A key section inspects and rates all the major weapons, with handy tables for easy comparison. And in recognition of the first large-scale participation of women in the war, the volume thoroughly documents their individual and unit contributions to the Allied effort. Finally, the encyclopedia discusses battlefield realties that explain, for example, why the airborne drops at Normandy succeeded and the ones at Arnheim failed. A bibliography, glossary, maps, photographs, and weapons and data tables enhance the coverage. Also includes 16 maps.

    World War II in Europe Volume I: Section I Social and Political Issues and Events Section II Leaders and Individuals Section III Units and Organisation Volume II: Section IV Weapons and Equipment Section V Strategy, Tactics and Operational Techniques Section VI Battles, Campaigns and Operations


    David T. Zabecki, American Military University, U.S. Army Reserve.

    "A valuable reference work providing new research on a subject that still continues to fascinate both academics and enthusiasts...A valuable complement and guide to the enormous literature on the subject." -- Canadian Journal of History
    "Designed to meet the reference needs of any level of user...This work is recommended for serious students of politico-military affairs in the 20th century and reference department emphasizing modern history." -- Choice
    "World War II in Europe is an invaluable study of the Western half of the war and a worthy addition to reference collections in large public and academic libraries." -- Reference Books Bulletin/Booklist
    "A very, very strong effort, and certainly strong enough to look like a leading candidate for the annual "Top Ten" awards." -- Stone and Stone Second World War Books
    "Recommended...An excellent in-depth reference." -- Reviewer's Bookwatch