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Worlds of Performance

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What is performance? Where does it take place? Who are the participants? Not long ago these were settled questions, but today the orthodox answers are unsatisfactory, misleading and limiting. `Performance' as a theoretical category and as a practice has expanded explosively. Now it encompasses a panoply of genres that ranges from play, to popular entertainments, to theatre, dance and music, to secular and religious rituals, to `performance in everyday life', to intercultural experiments, and more.

For nearly forty years The Drama Review, the journal of performance studies, has been at the cutting edge of exploring these questions. The Worlds of Performance series is designed to mine the extraordinary riches and diversity of The Drama Review's decades of excellence, bringing back into print important essays, interviews, artists' notes, and photographs. New materials and introductions bring the volumes up to date. Each Worlds of Performance book is an indispensable resource for the scholar, a textbook for the student, and an exciting eye-opener for the general reader.

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The Grotowski Sourcebook

The Grotowski Sourcebook

1st Edition

Edited By RICHARD SCHECHNER, Lisa Wolford Wylam
March 07, 2001

This acclaimed volume is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of Jerzy Grotowski's long and multi-faceted career. It is essential reading for anyone interested in Grotowski's life and work.Edited by the two leading experts on Grotowski, the sourcebook features:*essays from the key ...

Popular Theatre A Sourcebook

Popular Theatre: A Sourcebook

1st Edition

Edited By Joel Schechter
December 23, 2002

Bertolt Brecht turned to cabaret; Ariane Mnouchkine went to the circus; Joan Littlewood wanted to open a palace of fun. These were a few of the directors who turned to popular theatre forms in the last century, and this sourcebook accounts for their attraction.Popular theatre forms introduced in ...

Re: Direction A Theoretical and Practical Guide

Re: Direction: A Theoretical and Practical Guide

1st Edition

Edited By Gabrielle Cody, Rebecca Schneider
December 07, 2001

Re: Direction is an extraordinary resource for practitioners and students on directing. It provides a collection of ground-breaking interviews, primary sources and essays on 20th century directing theories and practices around the world. Helpfully organized into four key areas of the subject, the ...

The Senses in Performance

The Senses in Performance

1st Edition

Edited By Sally Banes, Andre Lepecki
January 05, 2007

This ground-breaking anthology is the first to be dedicated to assessing critically the role of the human sensorium in performance. Senses in Performance presents a multifaceted approach to the methodological, theoretical, practical and historical challenges facing the scholar and the artist. ...

Brecht Sourcebook

Brecht Sourcebook

1st Edition

Edited By Henry Bial, Carol Martin
January 31, 2000

Bertolt Brecht is one of the most prolific and influential writer-directors of the twentieth century. This fascinating anthology brings together in one volume many of the most important articles written about Brecht between 1957 and 1997. The collection explores a wide range of viewpoints about ...

Carnival Culture in Action – The Trinidad Experience

Carnival: Culture in Action – The Trinidad Experience

1st Edition

Edited By Milla Cozart Riggio
December 03, 2004

This beautifully illustrated volume features work by leading writers and experts on carnival from around the world, and includes two stunning photo essays by acclaimed photographers Pablo Delano and Jeffrey Chock. Editor Milla Cozart Riggio presents a body of work that takes the reader on a ...

Happenings and Other Acts

Happenings and Other Acts

1st Edition

Edited By Mariellen Sandford
March 13, 1995

`Happenings' is the term coined by 1960s avantgarde artists for their own unique type of performance event. Together, they formed one of the most influential experimental movements of the century; yet also one of the least-well understood. Bringing together radical visual innovation with live ...

A Sourcebook on Feminist Theatre and Performance On and Beyond the Stage

A Sourcebook on Feminist Theatre and Performance: On and Beyond the Stage

1st Edition

Edited By Carol Martin
December 04, 1996

This work is a unique collection of key articles on feminist theatre and performance form The Drama Review (TDR). Carol Martin juxtaposes theory and practice to provide an exceptionally comprehensive overview of the development of feminist theatre. This outstanding collection includes key texts by ...

A Sourcebook on African-American Performance Plays, People, Movements

A Sourcebook on African-American Performance: Plays, People, Movements

1st Edition

Edited By Annemarie Bean
June 28, 1999

A Sourcebook on African-American Performance is the first volume to consider African-American performance between and beyond the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and the New Black Renaissance of the 1990s.As with all titles in the Worlds of Performance series, the Sourcebook consists of classic ...

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