Ideal for quick reference in any ward or community environment, this pocket-sized (120x80mm), spiral-bound book in the popular Nursing & Health Survival guide series puts all the crucial information on wound care at your fingertips.

    It includes all you need to know on:

    • Wound assessment
    • Wound conditions 
    • Treatment and dressing choice
    • Pressure ulcers and prevention
    • Healing factors and risk assessment

    And much more…

    1. Introduction  2. Factors that Influence Wound Healing  3. Physical, Psychological and Social Impact of Wounds  4. Wound Assessment  5. Treatment Plan  6. Dressing Choice  7. Wound Types  8. Overgranulation  9. Skin Tears  10. Infection Control/Handwashing  11. Patient Case Study  12. Record Keeping  13. Pressure Area Care  14. Incident Reporting  15. Patient Referral: Multi-Disciplinary Working


    Kelly Ryan