1st Edition

Writing Comedy for Television

By Brian Cooke Copyright 1983

    Writing Comedy for Television (1983) is a practical, step-by-step manual about how and what to write. It contains many examples from the scripts of various sitcoms and sketch shows. It demonstrates how to construct a storyline for a series, how to lay out a sketch, who to pitch to, and how a television comedy is put together.

    1. What is a Situation Comedy?  2. Hilda and Wilf  3. What’s the Point of Doing a Story-Line?  4. OK, But What Do I Write About?  5. Who Should I Write For?  6. Where Do Jokes Come From?  7. A Short Pause for a Breather  8. How Do I Lay Out My Script?  9. Some Hard Facts About Selling  10. Lollipop Time  11. Who Are All These People?  12. The Performers, Bless ‘Em  13. Rehearsals  14. On the Day  15. A Short Pause for Another Breather  16. I’d Rather Write Sketches  17. Juggling Spot  18. Quickies  19. Sketches  20. More About Sketches  21. Even More About Sketches  22. Solo or Duo?  23. Tidying Up


    Brian Cooke