422 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    422 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Writing for Visual Media provides writers with an understanding of the nature of visual writing behind all visual media. Such writing is vital for directors, actors, and producers to communicate content to audiences. Friedmann provides an extended investigation into dramatic theory and how entertainment narrative works, illustrated by examples and detailed analysis of scenes, scripts, techniques, and storylines. This new edition has a finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving media ecosystem and explains it in the context of writing and creating content. Friedmann lays out many of the complex professional, creative, and commercial issues that a writer needs to understand in order to tell engaging stories and construct effective and professional screenplays.

    This new edition includes:

    • A new chapter on storytelling
    • A fresh examination of dramatic theory and how to apply it to constructing screenplays
    • Updated discussion of mobile platforms
    • A lengthened discussion of copyright, ethics, and professional development issues
    • An updated companion website with sample scripts and corresponding videos, an interactive glossary, sample storyboards and screenplays, links to industry resources, and materials for instructors such as slides, a syllabus, and a test bank.


    Chapter 1: Describing One Medium through Another

    Chapter 2: Describing Sight and Sound

    Chapter 3: A Seven-Step Method for Developing a Creative Concept

    Chapter 4: The Stages of Script Development

    Chapter 5: Ads and PSAs: Copywriting for Visual Media

    Chapter 6: Corporate Communications: Selling, Training, and Promoting

    Chapter 7: Documentary and Nonfiction Narrative

    Chapter 8: Storytelling

    Chapter 9: Visual Storytelling: Dramatic Structure and Form

    Chapter 10: Writing Techniques for Long-Form Scripts

    Chapter 11: Television Series, Sitcoms, and Soaps

    Chapter 12: Writing for Interactive Communications and Interactive Design

    Chapter 13: Writing for Video Games

    Chapter 14: Writing for Mobile Media Platforms

    Chapter 15: You Can Get Paid to Do This


    Anthony Friedmann has an M.A. in English from Harvard University and a B.A. and Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, and trained as a filmmaker at the London School of Film Technique. After twenty-one years of writing, producing, and directing film and video, he has taught video production, interactive multimedia, and scriptwriting at various colleges and universities. He continues to do technical writing, write for corporate clients, and develop independent projects for film and publishing. His work ranges from feature films to corporate video for English, American, and French clients. Bartleby, which he wrote and directed, won Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastián Film Festival in 1971. He is a member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.


     "Writing for Visual Media 5e by Mr. Anthony Friedmann is a well-written, comprehensive overview of writing for visual media that can complement any beginning course in screenwriting. I assigned it as weekly reading to my beginning students, and it greatly helped them understand the concept of writing for all types of media, and how to create story."

    Linda Fitak, MFA, Teaching Associate at California State University Northridge, CTVA Department 

    Praise for the Previous Edition

    "Worth its weight in gold ….! It doesn't get any better than this: Here we have a master teacher— Anthony Friedman, bringing 21 years of writing, producing and directing experience to bear writing the third edition of this very impressive text… An impressive book that delivers what it promises… an essential purchase for anyone interested in writing for the visual media."
    R. Neil Scott, Author, Former Professor & User Services, Librarian at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

    "An engaging textbook that trains, entertains and concentrates on contemporary writing issues in an accessible way. This book delivers a treasure trove of valuable, well-written information aspiring writers can use to familiarize themselves with the challenges of visual media."
    Jared Castle, marketing and public relations consultant, writer

    "A comprehensive, well-structured, and well-written introduction to writing for electronic and digital screens wherever they might be found."
    Nathaniel Kohn, University of Georgia

    "… a critical text that is accessible for students. This textbook provides comprehensive examples and exercises to push students to engage with real-world examples that will be needed once they become professionals. Broken down into five parts, this book allows lecturers to focus on critical concepts either in order, or in smaller chunks. The section on Interactive and Mobile Media is a welcome addition to a mediated world that is going global with the use of a Smartphone!"
    Dr. Ann Luce, University of Portsmouth, UK

    "Anthony Friedman is a master at his craft for writing for a variety of media. He is also a master when it comes to explaining his methods to the average lay man. I thought the book was brilliantly put together … I feel this book is well worth the purchase price, and the time spent reading."
    Stephanie Manley, editor of CopyKat.com

    "If my journalism students could only have three textbooks during their journalism academic career, I'd be pleased to know that "Writing for Visual Media" was one of them. From producing PSAs to defining target audiences to writing for interactive and mobile media, and finally, marketing oneself in this ever-changing media landscape, this text has the tools that journalism and new media students need now and tomorrow."
    Deidra Jackson, Instructor of Journalism, University of Mississippi Meek School of Journalism and New Media