1st Edition

Writing in-Between Collaborative Meaning Making in Performative Writing

By Nandita Dinesh Copyright 2024
    164 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Writing in-Between lies at intersections: between theory and praxis; between fiction and non-fiction; between author and reader; between the personal and the political. Beginning with a conceptual glossary that prepares readers for their journey through the book, Dinesh offers two central texts to invite readers to become co-creators. The first, F for _____, is written as an “academic novella” and culminates with an interactive section that is composed of guided invitations for the reader/co-creator. The second text, Julys, takes the form of a “dramatic memoir” and intersperses invitations for readers/co-creators between each of its chapters. Dinesh brings these threads together in an entirely interactive concluding chapter, where her hopes for collaborative meaning making take centre stage. In all of its unique invitations to engage, Dinesh’s readers/co-creators can either choose to craft their creations in personal notebooks or blank spaces in this work’s physical copy, or to engage more publicly via virtual forums that can be accessed via QR codes and accompanying links that are scattered throughout the book. Guided by questions about writing can “do” — questions that have shaped Dinesh’s work as an artist, scholar, and educator for almost two decades — Writing in Between embodies one central tenet: that the significance of performative writing might be most powerfully experienced through a collaborative process of meaning making between a text’s author and its readers turned co-creators.

    Section 1. Between Writing and Me  


    Section 2. Between the political and the personal: F for _______    

    Chapter 1. F for (not just about) Food           

    Chapter 2. Interview One      

    Chapter 3. Safar: Part One     

    Chapter 4. F for Fierce          

    Chapter 5. Interview Two

    Chapter 6. Safar: Part Two    

    Chapter 7. F for Fences         

    Chapter 8. Interview Three    

    Chapter 9. Safar: Part Three  

    Chapter 10. F for Few-and-far-between        

    Chapter 11. Interview Four    

    Chapter 12. Safar: Part Four  

    Chapter 13. F for (so close and yet so) Far    

    Chapter 14. Interview Five    

    Chapter 15. Part Five: Your Safar      

    Chapter 16. F for _____         


    Section 3. Between the personal and the political: Julys      

    Chapter 1. Apoopa     

    Chapter 2. You: Part One       

    Chapter 3. My Dear   

    Chapter 4. You: Part Two       

    Chapter 5. Maestro    

    Chapter 6. You: Part Three    

    Chapter 7. Amma       

    Chapter 8. You: The Last Part


    Section 4. Between Writing and Us




    Nandita Dinesh is Dean of Academic Administration at Mount Tamalpais College, serving incarcerated students inside San Quentin State Prison.