1st Edition

Xinjiang China's Muslim Borderland

By S. Frederick Starr Copyright 2004
    506 Pages
    by Routledge

    528 Pages
    by Routledge

    Eastern Turkestan, now known as Xinjiang or the New Territory, makes up a sixth of China's land mass. Absorbed by the Qing in the 1880s and reconquered by Mao in 1949, this Turkic-Muslim region of China's remote northwest borders on formerly Soviet Central Asia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Mongolia, and Tibet, Will Xinjiang participate in twenty-first century ascendancy, or will nascent Islamic radicalism in Xinjiang expand the orbit of instability in a dangerous part of the world? This comprehensive survey of contemporary Xinjiang is the result of a major collaborative research project begun in 1998. The authors have combined their fieldwork experience, linguistic skills, and disciplinary expertise to assemble the first multifaceted introduction to Xinjiang. The volume surveys the region's geography; its history of military and political subjugation to China; economic, social, and commercial conditions; demography, public health, and ecology; and patterns of adaption, resistance, opposition, and evolving identities.

    List of Tables and Illustrative Materials; List of Acronyms; Note on Transliteration; 1. Introduction S. Frederick Starr; Part I. Historical Background; 2. Political and Cultural History of the Xinjiang Region Through the Late 19th Century James A. Millward and Peter C. Perdue; 3. Political History and Strategies of Control, 1884-1978 James A. Millward and Nabijan Tursun; Part II. Chinese Policy Today; 4. The Chinese Program of Development and Control, 1978-2001 Dru C. Gladney; 5. The Great Wall of Steel: Military and Strategy in Xinjiang Yitzhak Shichor; Part III. Xinjiang from Within; 6. The Economy of Xinjiang Calla Wiemer; 7. Education and Social Mobility Among Minority Populations in Xinjiang. Linda Benson; 8. A Land of Borderlands: Implications of Xinjiang's Trans-Border Interactions Sean R. Roberts; Part IV. Costs of Control and Development; 9. The Demography of Xinjiang Stanley W. Toops; 10. The Ecology of Xinjiang: A Focus on Water Stanley W. Toops; 11. Public Health and Social Pathologies in Xinjiang Jay Dautcher; Part V. The Indigenous Response


    Starr, S. Frederick