1st Edition

Your First ENT Job A Survivor's Guide

By Marie Lyons, Arvind Singh Copyright 2006

    Medics need well informed careers advice information guidance and counselling throughout their careers and not just while they are students or newly qualified doctors. The material in this book meets the needs of those wanting to gain insight into their own career development as well as those helping medical colleagues with their careers. A range of available options are explored from entry requirements through higher specialist training parallel medical careers and part-time alternatives. It covers regulations for overseas medics and recent changes in GP training. It is clear concise and fully referenced containing tips practical exercises and further reading. Case histories of doctors in 30 medical specialties illustrate opportunities and show how desired outcomes can be achieved. It is an essential resource for anyone in medicine considering a career change and individuals in a position to help other doctors with career development.

    Ears. Basic anatomy. Facial nerve. Intracranial part. Extracranial part. How to. Summary of ear questions. Examination of hearing using tuning fork tests. Pinna (including preauricular area). The commonest conditions we see are probably trauma and infection. Trauma. Blunt injury. Infection of the pinna. Preauricular sinus. Outer ear canal. Foreign body. Infection. Summary — otits externa. Acute otitis media. Summary otitis media. Summary — how to deal with ear pain. Mastoiditis. Outer ear canal trauma. Temporary bone fractures. Miscellaneous conditions of the ear and surrounding structures. Sudden onset of sensorineural deafness. Summary sensorineural hearing loss. Trauma. Unilateral facial weakness. Dizziness. Operations-what they involve and what you must tell the patient. Foreign body removal. Grommet insertion. Pinnaplasty. Myringoplasty. Mastoid surgery. Stapedectomy. Neurootological procedures. Basic Anatomy. The questions to ask for nasal problems. Epistaxis. Foreign body nose. Fractured nose. Acute sinusitis. Periorbital cellulitis. Cheek swelling. Consenting for 'nose' operations. MUA nose. Foreign body removal. Adenoidectomy. Septoplasty. Rhinoplasty. Sinus surgery. Procedures to stop epistaxis. Basic anatomy. The questions you need to ask. Supra/epiglottitis and stridor. How to do a cricothyroidotomy. Ludwig’s angina. Post tonsillectomy bleed. Neck injuries. Ingested foreign body. Food bolus obstruction. Tonsillitis. Parapharyngeal abscess. Neck abscess. Throat/head and neck operations. Tonsillectomy. Direct laryngopharyngooesophagoscopy (DL, DO, DP). Thyroid surgery. Parathyroid surgery. Parotidectomy. Submandibular duct stone removal and gland excision. Summary of pre-admission requirements. Suggested investigations for procedures - general websites/books for further information. Figure list.


    Marie Lyons, Arvind Singh