1st Edition

Youth Civic Engagement and Local Peacebuilding in the Middle East and North Africa Prospects and Challenges for Community Development

Edited By Ibrahim Natil Copyright 2021

    This book investigates the ways in which young people engage with and contribute to civil society, community development, and local peacebuilding in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

    Youth engagement and contribution to civil society and local peacebuilding can play a crucial role in development; however, there is often a lack of effective engagement, policies, and opportunities for young people in policy and practice. This book analyses their experiences of civic engagement and community participation and the challenges they face, across diverse areas including youth empowerment, freedom of expression, mobilization, ideologies, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. Drawing on cases from Yemen, Syria, Iran, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories, this book offers new insights on how youth not only are shaped by, but also react to policies, conflict, constraints, and challenges.

    The insights drawn from this interdisciplinary collection will be of interest to researchers of civil society, youth, peacebuilding, and development, as well as to policymakers, donors, and NGO staff.

    Introduction, Ibrahim Natil  1. Introducing barriers to youth civic engagement and local peacebuilding, Ibrahim Natil   2. Youth Engagement in Local peacebuilding in the Gaza Strip, Ola Alkahlout   4. Covid-19, Youth, And the Engineered Social Movements in Iran, Mohsen Moheimany, Nader Ganji and Morvarid Salehi   5. Youth virtual activism in Morocco: The case fact-checkers, Mohammed Yachoulti, Hamza Baila  6. Challenges to youth civic engagement and community development in Syria, Alaa Hadid   7. Young people "Child soldiers" in the post-conflict: peacebuilding challenges, Yousra Hasona  8. Young Women's involvement in the Yemeni Conflict– New Roles, Belal Abdo, Abdulrahman Abohajeb, Ala Mohsen   9. Yemeni Youth: from uprising to fragile political transition, Elham Raweh   10. Youth in post-conflict reconstruction: The Gaza Strip Case, Wadee Alarabeed  Conclusion: Implications and Future Direction, Ibrahim Natil


    Ibrahim Natil is a Research Fellow at Institute of International Conflict Resolution and Re-construction (IICRR) and teaches at Dublin City University, Ireland. He is the Co-convenor of NGOs in Development Study Group, DSA-UK, and winner of the Robert Chamber Best Overall Paper, selected by DSA Ireland (2017). He is the founder of the Society Voice Foundation for Community Work.