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    The argument for low-cost, zero-energy, zero-waste architecture has never been timelier, while the mainstream has largely abandoned or neglected this agenda: in the UK the recent mandatory zero-carbon performance targets for new homes have been postponed or forgotten at a time when thousands of new homes will be built, and there is already a shortage of electric generating capacity. This book offers a forceful challenge to the current addiction to overconsumption of natural capital and energy, and provides workable, sustainable solutions for zero-carbon, zero-waste design.

    Introduction: The ZEDlife - a call to engage Understanding which tool to apply where?  The ZEDlife tools: Tool 1: Roof integrated BIPV panel with integrated daylight system: the Solar canopy roof structure and Solar Tree  Tool 2: Solar charged exchangeable batteries  Tool 3: Low carbon transport: the ZEDbike and micro electric vehicles  Tool 4: The filling station of the future  Tool 5: Building level energy systems: Air Sourced Heat Pumps and solar assisted heating and cooling  Tool 6: District level energy systems  Tool 7: Retrofit adaption of existing buildings  Tool 8: Rainwater Harvesting & Water Re-use Tool Combinations: the ZEF (Zero Fossil Energy Farm), ZEDstreet and ZED commercial Case Studies – Applying the Tools  Case Study 1: The Zero Bills Home  Case study 2: ZEDpods  Case study 3: Shoreham Cement Works  Case study 4: Rehousing Somalia’s IDP’s  Case study 5: AfricaZED  Case study 6: Shanghai EXPO ZED Pavilion  Case study 7: Shan Chuan Village Water Treatment Museum Living under a Park – higher density strategies  Case study 8: GS Korea  Case study 9: One Planet Business Centre  Case study 10: Dalian Eco Town  Case study 11: Elion Eco Town  Case study 12: Jingdezhen Ceramic Centre  Case Study13: BedZED Conclusion: BedZED 15 years on                


    In his seminal new book, Bill Dunster demonstrates that zero-carbon, zero-waste design doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, and is achievable today.