1st Edition

Zarathustra Contra Zarathustra The Tragic Buffoon

By Francesca Cauchi Copyright 1998
    197 Pages
    by Routledge

    198 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This study, first published in 1998, makes a lively and welcome contribution to the critical analysis of Nietzsche’s seminal classic This Spoke Zarathustra. Through a close textual reading of the neglected and ill-understood part four of the text, the author seeks to show that Nietzsche’s project of self-overcoming is a failure. Offering herself as a philosopher-priestess of the wisdom of pessimism, Francesca Cauchi invokes a complex of responses in the reader, providing a necessary challenge to any and all advocates of life.

    The Fall: The Parable of the Ropedancer  1. Realism versus Idealism  2. Ropedancer as Buffoon  Convalescence: The Eagle and the Serpent  3. Cunning Reason and Proud Imagination  4. Physicians as Metaphysicians  Pilgrimage: The Higher Men and Zarathustra’s Shadow  5. The Art of Self-Overcoming  6. The Decadence of Modernity  7. The Decadence of Christianity  Apotheosis: The Tragic Buffoon  8. Ignoble Lies and Insolent Truths