1st Edition

Zariski Surfaces and Differential Equations in Characteristic P < O

By Piotr Blass Copyright 1987

    This book represents the current (1985) state of knowledge about Zariski surfaces and related topics in differential equations in characteristic p > 0. It is aimed at research mathematicians and graduate and advanced undergraduate students of mathematics and computer science.

    Introduction 1. Basic Theory of Zariski Surfaces 2. Links with Differential Equations in Characteristic p > 0 3. The Divisor Classes of the Surface zpn = G(x,y) 4. Picard Groups of Generic Zariski Surfaces 5. The Divisor Classes of zp = G(x,y): A Programmable Problem 6. Families of Zariski Surfaces 7. Unirationality of Enriques Surfaces in Characteristic 2 8. Applications of the de Rham-Witt Complex and of Dominoes to Zariski Surfaces 9. Picard and Brauer Groups of Zariski Surfaces 10. A Counterexample to Zariski's Problem and an Example of a Surface with Nonreduced Picard Scheme


    Piotr Blass (University of Northern Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, USA) (Author)