1st Edition

Zemiology and Human Trafficking

By Avi Boukli Copyright 2024

    Following the rise of the zemiological movement, the concept of social harm has attracted a great deal of scholarly attention. Using this perspective, a number of scholars have sought to remove the constraining brackets surrounding criminological investigation in order to broaden its legitimate parameters of study and incorporate a wider range of un-criminalized and hidden harms. This book expands the literature on social harm by applying the concept of zemia to human trafficking investigations in Europe, North America, and Africa.

    This book draws attention not only to various structurally imbedded harms, but also to the wider consequences of such harms. Drawing on a range of international legal cases on trafficking, this book offers a new direction in criminological and zemiological thinking and a reimagining of criminal justice responses to harm.

    1.Introduction  2.Antitrafficking Criminalisation  3.Antitrafficking Securities  4.Antitrafficking Human Rights  5.Zemiology: Past, Present, Future  6.Antitrafficking: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Partnerships, Property



    Avi Boukli is an Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of Southampton.

    ‘Theoretically sophisticated, empirically rich, and conceptually ground-breaking, while replete with intellectual and political challenges, Zemiology and Human Trafficking develops the zemiological lens as Boukli superbly dissects how “anti-trafficking” inevitably fails to address trafficking harms whilst obscuring the normalised and necessary exploitation of all workers as the “freed slaves” of capitalism’.

    Steve Tombs, Emeritus Professor, The Open University

    ‘A triumph! This exceptional book takes a multidimensional view to expose the nature of trafficking-related harms, including processes of criminalisation purportedly established to mitigate them. Its social harm lens offers a complex, yet nuanced, way of understanding antitrafficking and allows us to reimagine ways of seeing and analysing the social world’.

    Deborah H. Drake, Senior Lecturer, Criminology, The Open University

    ‘Stemming from a critical and original standpoint, Zemiology and Human Trafficking is a must read for anyone with an interest in antitrafficking efforts and preventable institutional harms. By offering a rich historical and socio-legal account, Dr. Boukli’s latest book uniquely captures the multidimensional nature of trafficking related harms, while devising new possibilities for their reduction’.

    Anita Lavorgna, Associate Professor, University of Bologna

    ‘This book develops a critical and challenging analysis of the discourses of trafficking illustrating a key component of Zemiology: the role of discursive power in the production of harm. It is an authoritative contribution to the growing discipline of Zemiology’.

    Paddy Hillyard, Emeritus Professor, Queen’s University Belfast