1st Edition

Zinc Handbook Properties, Processing, and Use In Design

By Frank C. Porter Copyright 1991

    Summarizes information on all aspects of metallic zinc and gives references to additional source material, including major books and reviews. At the heart of the reference are 16 chapters that cover coatings and electrochemical protection of steel by zinc. Other chapters address: occurrence and prod

    Chapter 1: Occurrence and Production; Chapter 2: Properties; Chapter 3: Early Uses and Development; Chapter 4: Specifications and Testing; Chapter 5: Corrosion Resistance; Chapter 6: How Zinc Can Protect Steel; Chapter 7: Anodes for Cathodic Protection; Chapter 8: The Family of Zinc Coatings; Chapter 9: Alloy Coatings; Chapter 10: Products Galvanized after Fabrication; Chapter 11: Tube Galvanizing; Chapter 12: Wire Galvanizing; Chapter 13: Sheet Galvanizing; Chapter 14: Electroplated Coatings; Chapter 15: Mechanical and Adhesive-Bonded Coatings; Chapter 16: Sherardizing; Chapter 17: Sprayed Coatings; Chapter 18: Zinc Incorporated into Coatings; Chapter 19: Fabrication and Joining of Zinc- Coated Steel; Chapter 20: Duplex Coatings; Chapter 21: Economics of Protection by Coatings; Chapter 22: Zinc Batteries; Chapter 23: Pressure Die-Casting Processes; Chapter 24: Gravity Casting Processes; Chapter 25: The Cast Zinc Alloy Product; Chapter 26: Designing for Production as Zinc Alloy Die Castings; Chapter 27: Rolled Zinc; Chapter 28: Other Wrought and Special Products; Chapter 29: Zinc Dust and Compounds; Chapter 30: Zinc as an Alloying Element; Chapter 31: Zinc and Health; Chapter 32: Prospects for Zinc


    Frank C. Porter