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Conversion to Modernities

Conversion to Modernities

1st Edition

Edited By Peter van der Veer
December 05, 1995

Peter van der Veer has gathered together a groundbreaking collection of essays that suggests that conversion to forms of Christianity in the modern period is not only a conversion to modern forms of these religions, but also to religious forms of modernity. Religious perceptions of the self, of ...

Border Fetishisms Material Objects in Unstable Spaces

Border Fetishisms: Material Objects in Unstable Spaces

1st Edition

Edited By Patricia Spyer
November 20, 1997

The essays in Border Fetishisms explore the cultural, commercial, political and erotic dimensions that distinguish fetish formations in fractured colonial and postcolonial spaces. Spanning such topics as Surinamese conversion to Christianity to shoplifting in Georgian England, to face the ...

Appropriating Gender Women's Activism and Politicized Religion in South Asia

Appropriating Gender: Women's Activism and Politicized Religion in South Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Patricia Jeffery, Amrita Basu
November 26, 1997

Appropriating Gender explores the paradoxical relationship of women to religious politics in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Contrary to the hopes of feminists, many women have responded to religious nationalist appeals; contrary to the hopes of religious nationalists, they have also ...

Women and Fundamentalism Islam and Christianity

Women and Fundamentalism: Islam and Christianity

1st Edition

By Shahin Gerami
December 01, 1995

During the past two decades, the surge of religious fundamentalism in the United States and in the Muslim world has resulted in many studies of the status of women and other family issues. This volume is a cross-cultural study of women's social status in Iran, Egypt, and in the U.S. during ...

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