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1st Edition

Zooplankton Ecology

ISBN 9780367620561
Published May 30, 2022 by CRC Press
292 Pages 32 Color & 29 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book aims at providing students and researchers an advanced integrative overview on zooplankton ecology, covering marine and freshwater organisms, from microscopic phagotrophic protists, to macro-jellyfishes and active fish larvae. The first book section addresses zooplanktonic organisms and processes, the second section is devoted to zooplankton spatial and temporal distribution patterns and trophic dynamics, and the final section is dedicated to emergent methodological approaches (e.g., omics). Book chapters include comprehensive synthesis, observational and manipulative studies, and sediment-based analysis, a vibrant imprint of benthic-pelagic coupling and ecosystem connectivity. Most chapters also address the impacts of anticipated environmental changes (e.g., warming, acidification).

Table of Contents

Functional Trait Approaches for the Study of Metazooplankton Ecology

Marie-Pier Hébert and Beatrix E. Beisner

Zooplankton-Phytoplankton Interactions in a Changing World

Maarten Boersma and Cédric L. Meunier

Leading Hypothesis about the Influence of Temperate Marine Fish Larvae on Recruitment Variability that Shaped Larval Ecology

Pedro Morais

Ocean Acidification Impacts on Zooplankton

Ana N. Campoy, Joana Cruz, Joana Barcelos e Ramos, Fátima Viveiros, Pedro Range and M. Alexandra Teodósio

Diversity and Biogeography as Revealed by Morphologies and DNA Sequences: Tintinnid Ciliates as an Example

Luciana F. Santoferrara and George B. McManus

Planktonic Shelled Protists (Foraminifera and Radiolaria Polycystina): Global Biogeographic Patterns in the Surface Sediments

Demetrio Boltovskoy and Nancy M. Correa

Metazooplankton Dynamics in Coastal Upwelling Systems

Rita F.T. Pires and Antonina dos Santos

Interactions in Plankton Food Webs: Seasonal Succession and Phenology of Baltic Sea Zooplankton

Monika Winder and Øystein Varpe

Visualizing and Exploring Zooplankton Spatial-Temporal Variability

Todd D. O’Brien and Stephanie A. Oakes

New Approaches to Study Jellyfish: From Autonomous Apparatus to Citizen Science

Catarina Magalhães, Alfredo Martins and Antonina dos Santos

Metabarcoding to Study Zooplankton Diversity

Anaïs Rey, Jon Corell and Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta

Omics Advances in the Study of Zooplankton: Big Data for Small Drifting Organisms

Ana Matos, Jean-Baptiste Ledoux, Dany Domínguez-Pérez, Daniela Almeida and Agostinho Antunes

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M. Alexandra Teodósio is an Associate Professor at the University of Algarve, Portugal, where she is Coordinator of the Research Group ECOREACH “Ecology and Restoration of Riverine, Estuarine and Coastal habitats” in the Marine Sciences Centre (CCMAR). She is the co-coordinator of the master programme in Marine Biology and in Biodiversity and Conservation.

She is Associate Editor of the Estuarine Coastal Shelf Science Journal. She has supervised six PhD students, 20 masters’ students, and over 30 undergraduates. Her major research interests include the nutritional condition of fisish larvae in coastal ecosystems, and the effects of global changes, namely jellyfish species invasions and acidification in planktonic communities.

She is member of the Expertpanel BIO3: Biodiversity and Ecology of the Research Foundation-Flanders (FWO), and she is also a panel member of Marine Sciences to the Portuguese Research Foundation (FCT). She has been involved in 22 European and national funded research projects. She has published 75 peer-reviewed research articles, and has contributed to six book chapters. H- Index (Scopus): 23



Scopus ID: Teodósio, M. A., Other name formats:  Chícharo, M. Alexandra; Chícharo, Maria Alexandra Teodósio; Chícharo, Maria Alexandra; Chicharo, M.A.Scopus ID: Teodósio, M. A., Other name formats:  Chícharo, M. Alexandra; Chícharo, Maria Alexandra Teodósio; Chícharo, Maria Alexandra; Chicharo, M.A.


Ana B. Barbosa (PhD Marine Sciences, 2006) is a tenured Assistant Professor at University of Algarve (UAlg), She was co-coordinator of the Marine Biology Master Programme, and Director of the Marine Biology BSc programme (UAlg) during 10 years. She has been developing research in Marine Microbial Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics, and her major interests include the regulation of planktonic communities and effects of natural and anthropogenic-induced ecosystem changes. She has supervised 2 PhD and 9 MSc thesis, and over 15 undergraduate students. She has been involved in 15 European and national funded research projects, being coordinator of national projects. She has published 20 articles in peer-reviewed SCI indexed journals, and five book chapters. Scopus H-value 11,