1st Edition

Zygmunt Bauman

By Tony Blackshaw Copyright 2005
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    This timely book provides the definitive concise introduction to the phenomenon of Zygmunt Bauman. After introducing the man, his major influences and his special way of 'thinking sociologically', author Blackshaw traces the development of Bauman's project by identifying and explaining the major shifts of emphasis in his work – the break with Marxism and the postmodern 'turn', and the subsequent refocusing on 'liquid' modernity – as well as offering a clear and accessible guide to the key conceptual hinges which move the reader on.

    This book, the only concise introduction to Bauman's work on the market, goes on to explain the importance of the full range of persistent themes concerning Bauman, dealing specifically with individualization, freedom, identity, community, social control, consumption and waste, building a penetrating understanding of why these issues matter for this Key Sociologist.

    Bauman's ideas have impacted beyond sociology into criminology, political theory, cultural studies, leisure studies and so forth, and have also now penetrated outside the walls of the academy into social policy, welfare reform, social work and politics. Making use of pedagogical features such as boxed sections, chapter summaries, an annotated bibliography and links to further reading, this well-written text assumes no prior familiarity with Bauman's work and will appeal to anyone in any of these fields wishing to get acquainted with the ideas of one of the world's most wide-ranging thinkers.

    1. An Interim Career Report  2. Bauman’s Sociology: His Theory of Modernity  3. The Ways and Means of the Dragoman  4. Freedom and Security in the Liquid Modern Sociality  5. Consumerism as the Liquid Modern Way of Life.  Suggestions for Further Reading 


    Tony Blackshaw is Senior Lecturer in sociology at Sheffield Hallam University. He has recently completed two major studies in the sociology of sport and leisure – New Perspectives on Sport and ‘Deviance’: Consumption, Performativity and Social Control (with Tim Crabbe) (2004) and Leisure Life: Myth, Masculinity and Modernity (2003) - both published by Routledge.