2017 & 2018 Art & Visual Culture Titles for Review

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January 2018

  • The Islamic Villa in Early Medieval Iberia

    Architecture and Court Culture in Umayyad Córdoba

    By Glaire D. Anderson

    Exploring the aristocratic villas and court culture of Córdoba, during its 'golden age' under the reign of the Umayyad dynasty (r. 756-1031 AD), this study illuminates a key facet of the secular architecture of the court and its relationship to the well-known Umayyad luxury arts. Based on textual…

    Paperback – 2018-02-19

  • Zen Paintings in Edo Japan (1600-1868)

    Playfulness and Freedom in the Artwork of Hakuin Ekaku and Sengai Gibon

    By Galit Aviman

    In Zen Buddhism, the concept of freedom is of profound importance. And yet, until now there has been no in-depth study of the manifestation of this liberated attitude in the lives and artwork of Edo period Zen monk-painters. This book explores the playfulness and free-spirited attitude reflected in…

    Paperback – 2018-02-19

  • British Art in the Nuclear Age

    Edited by Catherine Jolivette

    Rooted in the study of objects, British Art in the Nuclear Age addresses the role of art and visual culture in discourses surrounding nuclear science and technology, atomic power, and nuclear warfare in Cold War Britain. Examining both the fears and hopes for the future that attended the advances…

    Paperback – 2018-02-19
    British Art: Histories and Interpretations since 1700

  • Eighteenth-Century Thing Theory in a Global Context

    From Consumerism to Celebrity Culture

    Edited by Ileana Baird, Christina Ionescu

    Exploring Enlightenment attitudes toward things and their relation to human subjects, this collection offers a geographically wide-ranging perspective on what the eighteenth century looked like beyond British or British-colonial borders. To highlight trends, fashions, and cultural imports of truly…

    Paperback – 2018-02-19

  • Striking Images, Iconoclasms Past and Present

    Edited by Stacy Boldrick, Leslie Brubaker, Richard Clay

    All cultures make, and break, images. Striking Images, Iconoclasms Past and Present explores how and why people have made and modified images and other cultural material from pre-history into the 21st century. With its impressive chronological sweep and disciplinary breadth, this is the first book…

    Paperback – 2018-02-19

  • Bishop Robert Grosseteste and Lincoln Cathedral

    Tracing Relationships between Medieval Concepts of Order and Built Form

    Edited by Nicholas Temple, John Shannon Hendrix, Christian Frost

    Bishop Robert Grosseteste and Lincoln Cathedral is an in-depth investigation of Grosseteste’s relationship to the medieval cathedral at Lincoln and the surrounding city. This book will contribute to the understanding of Gothic architecture in early thirteenth century England - most specifically,…

    Paperback – 2018-02-12

  • Nineteenth-Century Photographs and Architecture

    Documenting History, Charting Progress, and Exploring the World

    Edited by Micheline Nilsen

    Eschewing the limiting idea that nineteenth-century architecture photography merely reflects functionality, the objective of this collection is to reflect the aesthetic, intellectual, and cultural concerns of the time. The essays hold appeal for social and cultural historians, as well as those…

    Paperback – 2018-02-12

  • Giorgio Armani

    Empire of the Senses

    By John Potvin

    Exploring 35 years of creative output, this richly illustrated book offers an unprecedented look into Giorgio Armani’s unique aesthetic, corporate and cultural strategies. More than any other designer, Armani best represents the global success of the ’Made in Italy’ label. His impact is palpable…

    Paperback – 2018-02-05

  • Constructing the Memory of War in Visual Culture since 1914

    The Eye on War

    Edited by Ann Murray

    This collection provides a transnational, interdisciplinary perspective on artistic responses to war from 1914 to the present, analysing a broad selection of the rich, complex body of work which has emerged in response to conflicts since the Great War. Many of the creators examined here embody the…

    Hardback – 2018-01-05
    Routledge Research in Art and Politics