Author Interview - Isabella Jackson, Editor of 'Treaty Ports in Modern China'

'Treaty Ports in Modern China: Law, Land and Power' Edited by Robert Bickers and Isabella Jackson is out soon, so we caught up with Isabella Jackson so she could tell us more about the book. 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Isabella Jackson at the recent British Association of Chinese Studies conference in Leeds. Isabella Jackson is Assistant Professor in Chinese History at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

'Treaty Ports in Modern China' presents a wide range of new research on the Chinese treaty ports. Topics covered include land and how it was acquired, the flow of people, good and information, specific individuals and families who typify life in the treaty ports, and technical advances, exploration, and innovation in government.

Watch the video below to see Isabella discussing this new book, how she came to work with Robert Bickers and why this area of study is becoming increasingly important.

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