The Donner Research Prize 2017 to Måns Broo

The Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History in
Turku has awarded Docent, Dr Måns Broo from Åbo Akademi University the
2017 prize for outstanding research into religion. Dr Broo is awarded
for his book The Rādhā Tantra: A Critical edition and annotated translation.

The Donner Institute Prize is awarded annually for outstanding research into religion conducted at a Nordic university. It is intended for researchers in the field of religious studies for a significant and relatively newly published monograph or article in print or digital form. Find out more here

The Radha Tantra: A critical edition and annotated translation (Hardback) book coverThis book presents a critically edited text of the Rādhā Tantra, based on manuscripts in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, as well as an annotated translation. It is prefaced by an introduction that situates the text in its social and historical context and discusses its significance. 

The introduction also looks at the composition and metrics, vocabulary and grammar, and contents and doctrine of the text. It also includes a discussion of the extensive intertextualities of the Rādhā Tantra, as well as the sources used for this edition.

The Board of the Institute notes the following in its prize motivation:

“A major contribution of this critical edition is a detailed exploration of intertextuality and interreligious polemics. The author minutely traces the provenance of influences from a number of older texts, which are carefully presented and discussed in the comprehensive introduction. The translation is splendidly done with great precision and sensitivity for the historical and cultural setting of the RT. The critical edition is thus a masterly work and a superb presentation of a little known, but important text, which has been widely copied and read in South Asia. The volume is a firm contribution to the history of Tantra and is highly-recommended for researchers and scholars in the fields of Indology, Sinology, History of Religions and Anthropology.”

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You can read the Introduction by clicking on the book jacket below. 

The Radha Tantra: A critical edition and annotated translation (Hardback) book cover