Kalyan  Annamalai Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kalyan Annamalai

Paul Pepper Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University

Dr. Kalyan Annamalai received his Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, worked at Brown University and later at AVCO Everett Research Laboratory, Revere, Mass. He is currently Paul Pepper Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M . He is also a Senior TEES Fellow of College of Engineering, Texas A&M. He is the author of “Advanced Thermodynamics,” (2002, 2011) and “Combustion Science and Engineering” (2007).


See long vita at http://meen-apps1.tamu.edu/FacultyProfiles/kannamalai.pdf

Research at   http://www1.mengr.tamu.edu/cabel/

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Coal and Biomass gasification and combustion
    Thermodynamics of biological systems



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