Carl Anthony Mosk Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Carl Anthony Mosk

Professor of Economics
University of Victoria

I am an economic historian, specializing on Asia, political economy and demographic history. In my recent scholarship I have concentrated on analyzing the interaction of ideology - nationalist, religious, materialist and anti-materialist, pro- and anti-science - with economic growth. Indicative of my approach harnessing comparative economic history to a larger project concerning ideology, I have published books dealing with Japan, China, Europe and the United States.


I am an economic historian specializing in Asian economies. In recent years my research interests have broadened, moving from regional issues to global issues. I have published a book about the relationship between nationalism and economic development in Eurasia in which the spread of European ideologies plays a prominent role. I am presently extending the theme of the global spread of modern ideologies focusing upon the long-run relationship between religion and capitalism.


    Ph.D., 1976,

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Economic History, Asian economies, economic development, population economics, and political economy.

Personal Interests

    Hiking, drawing, reading.



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