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Tom Short

Senior Technical Executive
Electric Power Research Institute

Tom Short is a Senior Technical Executive at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His research and study activities have included distribution system studies, reliability, power quality, distributed generation, lightning protection, arc flash, and capacitor application. Before joining EPRI PEAC in 2000 (later merged into EPRI), he worked for Power Technologies, Inc. for ten years.


As chair of the IEEE Working Group on the Lightning Performance of Electric Power Overhead Distribution Lines, he led the development of IEEE Std. 1410-1997, Improving the Lightning Performance of Electric Power Overhead Distribution Lines. He has also led development of EPRI OpenETran contributed as open source for the working group to include in IEEE Flash.

Tom was awarded the 2008 IEEE/PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering.

Tom is past chair of the IEEE Schenectady Section. He chaired the IEEE Task Force on Weather Normalization of Reliability Data that won a prize paper award. He is an active member of the IEEE Arc Flash Hazard Calculations Working Group (1584) and a member of a task force developing a new arc flash model.

He is currently working on research in the areas of distribution system resiliency, arc flash, and analysis of fault event data. His leadership on the EPRI arc flash collaborative research has led to changes in the NESC based on realistic research. He was a technical lead on EPRI’s Green Circuits project, investigating options to improve the efficiency of distribution circuits.



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