My research in urban, political, and economic geography focuses on urban infrastructure, specifically transportation and urban sustainability. I ask how local governments and individual actors matter in struggles over large-scale infrastructure and policy development and the corresponding urban environments that are produced. This includes, airports, railroads, and logistics hubs as well as green buildings and urban sustainability policies. In so doing, I seek to bring a critical approach to the study of transportation and to understand how changes in urban sustainability go hand in hand with changes in urban governance, synthesizing economy, environment, and culture in order to understand how contemporary urban environments are produced. My interests also include the political and social aspects of airports, railroads, and logistics hubs and how they intersect with neighborhoods and household activities. Personal involvement in the mobilities of running and road races has led to research on that topic as well.
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Geography, 2003
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
transport geography; airports; logistics; distribution centers; road races; green buildings; urban sustainability; local government; Australia; United States
Personal Interests
running; quilting; travel