I am a tenureed Professor of Urban Theory at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University (Denmark). I am the deputy director, co-founder and board member at the Center for Mobilities and Urban Studies (C-MUS), Director of the research cluster in ‘Mobility and Tracking Technology’ (MoTT), and co-founder of the Mobilities Design Group (MDG). I am also a board member at the Center for Strategisk Byforskning (CSB), PhD Program Coordnator at the Media, Architecture and Design Doctoral Program, and Editorial Board Member on the Journal Applied Mobilitie. My main research interests are within Urban Mobilities, Mobilities Design, and Networked Technologies.
BA, Political Science, Aalborg University, 1992
MA, Sociology, Aalborg University, 1994
PhD, Planning, Aalborg University, 2000
Dr. Techn, Mobilities, Aalborg University, 2014
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
I am interested in the relationship between humans, mobilities, and materialilties. I am paricularily interested everyday life mobilities and 'simple encounters' such a commuting or routine movements. My key focus is on the ways in which physical spaces, infrastructural systems, and materialities interface with bodies in motion and interaction. Such practices manifests cultures, norms, and values and render the 'invisible world of transport' to be full of social codes. The role of digital technoloigies on the one hand, and urban design/architecture on the other are pivotal areas of interest. This manifest itself in the arciulation of 'mobilities design' as an emerging research field
(as well as an area where I conduct professional consultancy to architectural companies, city governments, and engnieering firms). I work almost always empirically and often with ethnographic approaches. However, I also aim to contribute to theory- and concept development, but on the basis of my empirical work. Lately I have arcitulated this as an interest in 'material pragmatism'.  

Homepage: http://personprofil.aau.dk/Profil/104214
Academia: http://aalborg.academia.edu/OleBJensen/About
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?id=58429737&trk=hb_tab_pro_top
Personal Interests
When I am not reseaching I am a dedicated gutarist and musician within the genres of blues/jazz/country ...