Petteri  Pietikainen Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Petteri Pietikainen

University of Oulu

Petteri Pietikainen is Professor of the History of Science and Ideas at the University of Oulu. He has written five books, edited three books and published about 70 articles. His major publications include C.G. Jung and the Psychology of Symbolic Forms (199), Alchemists of Human Nature: Psychological Utopianism in Gross, Jung, Reich and Fromm (2007), and Neurosis and Modernity: The Age of Nervousness in Sweden (2007). He is currently doing research on the history of psychiatric epidemiology.


I was born in Oulu (Northern Finland) and attained my MA and PhD degrees at the University of Helsinki. During my graduate studies (1994-1999) and post-doc years (1999-2004), I worked in Finland (University in Helsinki), the United States (University of Chicago and MIT), Ireland (University College Dublin) and Sweden as a Project leader (funded by the Ax:son Johnson Foundation). In 2011, I was appointed professor of the history of science and ideas at the University of Oulu (the only chair in this subject in Finland). I live in Oulu with my family.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    History of psychology, psychiatry and medicine; history of evolutionary research and Darwinism; history of Utopian thought; and relations between science and politics.

Personal Interests

    Reading, music (at the moment, I listen to the Portuguese fado music a lot), walking in the woods, having discussions with friends, travelling with family.