I have taught at Londonmet for 18 years, part-time for the first two years and then full-time since February 1998. The University has gone through many name changes and organisational shake-ups but its ethos remains the same. To widen HE participation and to give a chance to tens of thousands of people to have an undergraduate education. For this reason, and because of the wonderful dedicated staff I work with, I believe that Londonmet is, probably, the best university in the world.

At present I am the module leader for a range of classes: Social Problems in the first year; Social Policy: Theory & Practice in the second year; Homelessness & Housing Policy,  Social Policy Dissertations & Social Policy Work Placements in the third year. I also lead on recruitment for the School of Social Sciences.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Political and social theory
Personal Interests
Tottenham Hotspurs!