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Hanno Kirk

After 35 years of teaching, touring seminars, and speaking at conferences, I am now in private practice in Lewisburg, West Virginia. My practice specializations include children and adolescents with behavioral and autistic spectrum disorders, and persons with trauma issues, including veterans with PTSD and TBI. I have been using Neurofeedback in my practice since 2006 and have found it to be a critical component of my integrative approach to mental health.


I was born in Germany during WW II. We immigrated to the US in 1953, and my family lived the American Dream.  All three of my brothers and I went to college  and obtained graduate degrees. Three of us served in the US Army.
I have been fortunate to have a wide range of experience from working in Washington politics,  being part of the Arica Institute,  practicing massage at a 5 Star Resort,  teaching psychosocial and behavioral aspects of medicine, and serendipitously being asked to write and edit several books. Currently I am enjoying being active in a private psychotherapy practice in Lewisburg WV.


    UCLA, BA, International Relations 1962
    UCLA, MA, Political Science, 1964
    Inst of Adv Studies, Australian National Uni, PhD, 1969
    U of Texas, Arlington, MSSW, 1989

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    ADHD vs. Pediatric Bipolar:  Differential Diagnosis and Treatment
    End of Life Care: Best Practices and Applied Ethics
    Retraining the Brain with Neurofeedback, esp. for autism, PTSD and trauma
    Biomedical Factors Affecting Brain  Chemistry and Functioning

Personal Interests

    Tutoring children with reading difficulties.
    Singing in church choir and community chorale.
    SCUBA diving.
    Hanging out with family on the Mayan Riviera
    Traveling far and wide.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Restoring the Brain - 1st Edition book cover


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Authors: Hanno Weisbrod Kirk

When the US proposed to put a deep sea communication station at the North West Cape, The Australian Labor party got bent out of shape. The party leaders claimed that this could involve Australia in a nuclear war without her consent. The article is excerpted from the PhD dissertation Australian American Security Relations, 1957-1963.

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Excerpt from PhD dissertation about the behind the scenes actions and cover-ups surrounding Australia's decision to forgo the British TSR fighter bomber in favor of the ill-starred American F-111. The article caused a sensation when it was published, and several government ministers and heads of departments had to resign for having lied to parliamentary committees.

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Australian Outlook

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Authors: Hanno Weisbrod (Kirk)

Review article of another article refuting its arguments about the viability of the French force de frappe.