Alastair Ian Maxwell Rae Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Alastair Ian Maxwell Rae

Reader in Quantum Physics (retired)
University of Birmingham,

I taught physics in Birmingham for nearly 40 years until my retirement a few years ago. During that time, I lectured on several topics, but took a particular interest in Quantum Mechanics. This led me to write a text book which is now in its sixth edition.

Subjects: Physics


I was born in Edinburgh, UK and spent many of my formative years in the Shetland islands.  I returned to Edinburgh as a student and continued my studies in Western Australia before returning to the UK.  I was appointed a lecturer in  Physics in the University of Birmingham in 1967 and retired as reader in Quantum Physics in 2003.  I have been married for over fifty years and have two sons and three grandchildren

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My early research was into the structure of molecular crystals by  x-ray diffraction.  This led to an interest in the theoretical understanding of the forces between molecules in solids and then to investigations of the nature of structural phase transitions.  Around 1985, I changed my research field to superconductivity and worked as part of the Birmingham group on the properties of high-temperature superconductors.

    I have lectured to undergraduate and graduate students on a number of physics topics, which led to a strong interest in Quantum Mechanics.  I published an Undergraduate text on this subject in 1981 and it is now in its sixth edition.  I developed a particular interest in the conceptual foundations of quantum physics and its associated problems.  This has led to the publication of two books and a number of articles, many of which are aimed at a general readership.

Personal Interests

    I am involved in local community activities, such as school governors and citizens advice.  I enjoy classical music and theatre as well as television.


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