William  Bryant Author of Evaluating Organization Development

William Bryant

Deputy Director, Task Force Cyber Secure
U.S. Air Force

I have a broad background in strategy, planning, and operations in both the air and cyberspace domains. I also have an operational background in F-16s with multiple tours in different theaters. I have a PhD in Military Strategy and other academic degrees in a wide range of subjects including Aeronautical Engineering, Space Systems, Organizational Management, and several history and strategy related degrees.


I have a broad background in strategy, planning, and operations.  I did planning and strategy at CENTCOM, AFCENT, USFK, 9th AF, and 7th AF.  I have an operational background as am F-16 pilot with multiple tours in different theaters.


    PhD Military Strategy, SAASS, 2014
    Master of Strategic Studies, Air War College, 2014
    MA Airpower Art and Science, SAASS, 2007
    Masters of Space Systems, AFIT, 2006
    MA Organizational Management, The George Washington U., 2001
    MA Military Studies, American Military University, 1990
    BS Aeronautical Engineering, USAFA, 1993

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I am currently focused on defending large enterprise systems against nation state level attack through active defense and maneuver in the cyberspace domain.  I am also interested in cyberspace resilience and cyberspace superiority.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - International Conflict and Cyberspace Superiority - Bryant - 1st Edition book cover


Air and Space Power Journal

Cyberspace Superiority: A Conceptual Model

Published: Oct 01, 2013 by Air and Space Power Journal
Authors: William D. Bryant
Subjects: Military & Security Studies

This article was written while I was doing research on cyberspace superiority and lays out air superiority as an analogy to analyze cyberspace superiority.