Sharon G. Mijares Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sharon G. Mijares

Psychologist, Professor & Author
National University

Global traveler with the focus of psychospiritual healing and women's empowerment. Six publications are focused in this area as well as contributed chapters and articles.


Sharon G. Mijares, Ph.D., is a graduate of the Union Institute. Her research “Fragmented Self, Archetypal Forces and the Embodied Mind, focused on trauma and somatic consciousness. Sharon is a visiting professor at the UN University for Peace, Associate Faculty at National University, Core Faculty at the California Institute for Human Science and Adjunct Faculty at Brandman University. She is the author/editor of six books focused on psychological and spiritual development. Her last book (edited) A Force Such As the World Has Never Known brought women together from around the planet to share their concerns and efforts to better their communities and the world. The second edition of her first edited book, Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: Psychological Healing Practices from the World’s Religious Traditions brings experts representing various religious and spiritual traditions together to demonstrate deep transformative practices inherent within spiritual practices. Her own chapters discussed the Nature-based traditions, Goddess and Shamanism. She has earned Shodan rank in Aikido, and has also led workshops to empower women in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Mexico, Scotland, Uganda, United States and Venezuela. On a personal level she is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and currently lives in Nevada City, CA. For more info see


    Ph.D., Union Institute, 1995

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Depth psychology and the inter-relationship of psychology and spirituality.  She has decades of experience in treating trauma, and encouraging psycho-spiritual development,as well as teaching, leadership and transformational processes. Her Institutes for Women and Global Change have been presented in several nations. She has enlisted authors representing a variety of cultural perspectives in her four of her six books. In this endeavor she works collaboratively with peers.

Personal Interests

    Encouraging more communication on a global level. Connecting with Nature for psychological, spiritual and global healing is a major concern

    Hobbies include Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Photoshop.  


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom - 1st Edition book cover


Women Gathering For Change Envisioning ways to Create a Healthier Future

By: Sharon G. Mijares
Subjects: Education, Health and Social Care, Middle East Studies, Other

Women Gathering

For Change

Envisioning ways to Create a

Healthier Future Conference

Dr. Sharon G. Mijares, Author/Editor of Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: Psychological Healing Practices from the World's Religious Traditions Revised (2016) will be presenting at the above conference sponsored by Egypt's Library of Alexandria.  The conference is from March 16th through 19th. For more information on conference see