Maureen Phoebe Ellis Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Maureen Phoebe Ellis

London University UCL-Institute of Education

Life and work in around 40 countries, for British universities, publishers, examining bodies and organisations such as the British Council, have shown me the importance of Global Citizenship Education as Sustainable Development. This requires Critical Discourse Studies to urgently introduce learners to the political-economy of their discipline / discipleship to expand multi-modal vision and mission via critical ethnography, sociology, anthropology i.e. the archaeology and genealogy of knowledge

Subjects: Education


I am Anglo-Indian, educated by British missionaries at an elite boarding school in Panchgani, a hill-station beyond Bombay. My husband's career with the British Diplomatic Service and my own assignments overseas interwove history, religion, politics and sociology. Two MAs, in Language and Literature and a PhD at London University have integrated the poetry and prose of my life in cultural insights which yield personal, professional and political efficacy.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Applied LInguistics, Social Anthropology of Education, Education for Sustainable Development.
    Teacher Education; Global Citizenship; Critical Realism; Multimodality Analysis using Halliday's Systemic Functional Linguistics.

Personal Interests

    Natural History; Cultural Studies; Music and Film; Inter-Faith Collaboration.


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