Mike  Young Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Mike Young


A dentist by profession, and later trained as an historian, I am now a full-time author. I have worked as a clinical teacher, a business advisor, a clinical negligence expert witness, and most recently as an educational mentor.


I initially trained as a dentist. After working in general practice and teaching part-time at the local dental school, I studied for an MSc. I then divided my time between clinical practice, teaching and working as an expert witness. After I retired from dentistry I devoted my time to writing, and to studying for a BA in history and classics. My first book, 'Managing a dental practice the Genghis Khan way' won the Diagram Prize in 2011. My second book, 'The effective and efficient clinical negligence expert witness' is critically acclaimed and is regarded as a seminal work. I have contributed to dental, medical and legal magazines, journals and books.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Dentistry, clinical negligence, business.

Personal Interests

    History, art and art history, garden design and history, painting with water colour.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Managing a Dental Practice The Genghis Khan Way - 1st Edition book cover