Michele  Longino Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Michele Longino

Professor, Department of Romance Studies
Duke University

Michèle Longino is Professor of French & Italian at Duke University. She is a specialist on the French classical age. In addition to this recent study, she has also published Performing Motherhood: The Sévigné Correspondence (1992) and Orientalism in French Classical Drama (2002).



    M.A., Claremont Graduate School
    PhD in French Literature, University of Michigan

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Focus on the Ottoman Empire through examination of the journals of Tavernier, Thévenot, D’Arvieux, Grelot, Chardin, and Galland. The book engages with orientalism, expatriation, commerce and mercantilism, women’s roles, and theoretical work on travel. Longino examines how these writers construct themselves as authors, characters, and individuals in keeping with the central human project of individuation of the time. Of interest to scholars covering travel writing, French literature, and Mediterranean history.


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