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Joseph Conlon

Oxford University

Joseph Conlon is professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oxford. After a precocious childhood leading to an undergraduate math degree at the age of 18, he specialised in physics. He has been a faculty member at Oxford since 2008, and does research on string theory, particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics. He is also a tutor in physics at New College, Oxford.

Subjects: Mathematics, Physics


I was born in Reading in England in 1981. My mother is a physics teacher and my father has a PhD in mathematics, and so I do not need to look in any hidden corners of the family tree to understand why I have ended up as a theoretical physicist!

I obtained an early part-time mathematics degree while attending the Benedictine school of Douai Abbey. I then went to Cambridge as a regular student, doing my undergraduate and PhD degrees in theoretical physics.

I moved to Oxford in 2008, and joined New College in January 2012, where I give physics tutorials to the undergraduate students. My other university hat is as a professor in the physics department, where I do research on a range of topics in particle physics, astrophysics, string theory and cosmology.

I am married to Lucy, and we have two young boys, Alexander and George. In what spare time is left, I enjoy running, and I continue to entertain the hope of finding enough training time to get under 2:45 for the marathon.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I am a theoretical physicist, working on the applications of string theory to particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics.

Personal Interests

    Outside work I enjoy spending time with my two young sons, and competitive running.