JOHN  GUILLEBAUD Author of Evaluating Organization Development


Emeritus Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health
University College London

Born in Burundi, still makes support visits for healthcare professions in Africa (Central and South). He lectures and consults nationally and internationally on environmental sustainability, population and contraception; and is author/co-author of over 300 publications on these subjects, including nine books translated into 10 languages. Contraception Today (2016 8e) is his flagship pocketable textbook for doctors and Practice Nurses about all the reversible methods.

Subjects: Healthcare, Medicine


As well as gynaecological procedures for women he has performed c 5000 vasectomies - latterly by the favoured ‘No-scalpel’ technique - and he is involved in studies of a promising non-hormonal male pill that leads to a semen-free but normal-feeling orgasm, potentially reducing male-to-female HIV transmission.
He is author/co-author of over 300 publications on environmental sustainability, reproductive health and population, contraception for women and for men, and of nine books which are available in 10 languages including Bulgarian, Malay and Japanese.   He also consults ad hoc, as requested, both internationally (eg WHO and the Department for International Development) and nationally (eg advising on Guidance documents of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health).
His choice of contraception for both genders as his specialty, leading to higher degrees in both surgery and gynaecology, was made while he was still a medical student, prompted by a lecture from the Biologist Dr Colin Bertram.  Ever since, his vision has been that humankind’s collective environmental footprint is exacerbated by the number of feet - ie the number of humans doing the consuming and polluting, on our uniquely life-supporting but finite planet.  This factor, one of only 3, in humanity’s environmental impact can be addressed, wisely and compassionately, through voluntary rights-based family planning made accessible to all.  Along with Sir David Attenborough he is a Patron of and Adviser to;  and his TED lecture ‘Sex and the Planet’ and more can be viewed at


    Master of Arts (MA) Cambridge1965
    Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) FRCSE 1972
    Fellow Royal College Obstetricians & Gynaecologists FRCOG
    Fellow Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health FFSRH 2003

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Male and female contraception
    Population and sustainability of the environment

Personal Interests

    Cycling, Cooking, DIY, Environment, Travel



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Contraception Today, 8th Ed - 1st Edition book cover