Timea  Spitka Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Timea Spitka

Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender, Peace and Conflict Resolution
Hebrew University

Dr. Timea Spitka is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Hebrew University in gender, conflict resolution and peace. Her research has focused on conflict resolution, international mediation, group identity, gender and intervention in violent conflicts. She has worked for several international organizations including the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a Gender Advisor for Oxfam. Dr Spitka currently lives in Jerusalem.


I was born in Czechoslovakia and my family escaped  when I was young to Canada, where I have lived much of my life. I have been fortunate to have worked and lived in numerous countries including Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and the Czech Republic. I have worked as a journalist, a documentary filmmaker, as a political/civil affairs officer for the UN, as a Gender Advisor for Oxfam and most recently an academic.


    BA York University, Toronto (Political Science)
    MA University of Toronto (Russian and East European Studies)
    PhD Ben Guron University (Israel)

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My main areas of research is in international mediation, conflict resolution, international intervention in violent conflicts, responsibility to protect (R2P) and gender. I am interested in efforts which contribute towards resolving all conflicts and my current expertise is in the Northern Ireland's, Bosnian and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Personal Interests

    I greatly enjoy writing and since I currently live in Jerusalem being active in contributing to constructive steps towards ending the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which prioritize the safety and well being of all civilians, Palestinian and Israeli alike.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - International Intervention, Identity - Spitka - 1st Edition book cover


Book Review from Peacebuilding Journal

By: Timea Spitka

Book Review by Kerstin I. Tomiak (2017) International intervention, identity and conflict

transformation. Bridges and walls between groups, Peacebuilding, 5:2, 218-219, DOI: