Aviezer  Tucker Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Aviezer Tucker

Aviezer Tucker is a philosopher and social scientist, currently associated with the Davis Center at Harvard.

Subjects: History, Philosophy


Aviezer Tucker is a philosopher and social scientist, author of The Philosophy of Politics of Czech Dissidents from Patočka to Havel (2000) and Our Knowledge of the Past: A Philosophy of Historiography (2004). He published extensively in journals such as The American Interest, Critical Review, Foreign Affairs, History and Theory, Independent Review, Philosophy, Politics Philosophy and Economics, and Telos. He spent a decade working and conducting research in post-totalitarian Europe at the Central European University in Prague, Palacký University, and Charles University in the Czech Republic. He also taught and held fellowships at Columbia University, New York University, Trinity College, the Australian National University, the University of Texas, Austin, and Harvard University.


    PhD, Philosophy; postdoctorate, political science

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Political philosophy and theory; European Politics; Energy geopolitics; Epistemology; Philosophy of Science.

Personal Interests

    Classical music; Central Europe; History.