Mick Power is currently Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of Clinical Psychology Programmes at the National University of Singapore. He has previously worked in universities and hospitals in London, Tromso, Milan, Beijing, Edinburgh, and Lisbon. For many years he has worked with the World Health Organization to develop a measure of quality of life, the WHOQOL, that is now in widespread use throughout the world. He has written academic books that focus on emotion and the emotional disorders, such as the book Cognition and Emotion: From Order to Disorder written with his colleague Tim Dalgleish, the third edition of which was published in 2015, which provide the academic background for the present book. He has published a book on psychology and religion Adieu to God - Why Psychology Leads to Atheism in 2012 and from which material relevant to the pursuit of illusory religious beliefs will be incorporated into the current text. Another recent book, Madness Cracked, has been published by Oxford University Press.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Clinical Psychology
Personal Interests
Hedonism, travel, writing detective novels, and the virtuous life