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Robert Sornson

Early Learning Foundation

Bob Sornson is a best-selling author and sought-after international presenter and consultant. For over thirty years he worked as a teacher and as an administrator in Michigan public schools, developed an acclaimed model early learning success initiative, and in 2001 founded the Early Learning Foundation. His work focuses on the development of competency based learning systems, early learning success, and parent engagement. He can be contacted at [email protected]


Bob Sornson is an education leader calling for programs and practices which support competency based learning, early learning success, and high quality early childhood learning programs.  He is the father of four grown children, and works internationally with school districts, universities, and parent organizations.  

Born and raised in Detroit, MI along with his six siblings, Bob earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the University of Michigan, an education specialist degree from Central Michigan University, and his PH.D. from Andrews University.  For over thirty years he worked as a teacher and as an administrator in Michigan public schools, developed an acclaimed model early learning success initiative, and in 2001 founded the Early Learning Foundation.  
A prolific author, Bob has written best-selling books for educators, parents and children, along with many journal publications.  His books include Essential Math Skills (Shell Education), Fanatically Formative (Corwin Press), Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning about Empathy (Love and Logic Press), The Juice Box Bully (Early Learning Foundation Press), Teaching and Joy (ASCD), and Creating Classrooms Where Teachers Love to Teach and Students Love to Learn (Love and Logic Press).   He has offered workshops and keynotes in forty-seven states and in other nations.  

Bob Sornson is dedicated to giving far more students a real chance for success.  Schools that cover, test, and sort don’t effectively serve the needs of kids, families, or society.  Nor do schools that allow students to fall into patterns of struggle and failure in the early years of learning.  Nor do parents that do not know how to build positive family routines, set limits without anger, and help build the solid base of connection and love that allow children to thrive and build purposeful lives.   We are challenged to use the wealth of knowledge and information available to us to build systems and societies in which kids thrive, care for each other, demonstrate personal character, love to learn, and work collaboratively.  

Bob’s work involves changing thought patterns, behavior patterns, and institutional patterns so that we can build a world we are proud to bequeath to our children and grandchildren.  He can be contacted at [email protected]

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Early Learning Success
    Reducing the need for special education placement
    Competency based learning systems
    Parent engagement and training

Personal Interests

    Sailing, reading, writing, travel, music, parenting




Preventing School Failure

The Effects of Using the Essential Skills Inventory

Published: Jan 07, 2015 by Preventing School Failure
Authors: Bob Sornson
Subjects: Education

This study explores the efficacy of using the Essential Skill Inventories (ESI) to increase high-quality instruction in the early learning years. These teachers report improvements in the teaching skills and behaviors associated with early learning success, including systematic assessment, instructional design, understanding the whole child, and building relationships with students.

Journal of Research Initiatives

Focus on Essential Learning Outcomes

Published: Dec 31, 2013 by Journal of Research Initiatives
Authors: Bob Sornson and Debbie Davis
Subjects: Education

This article describes the implementation of the Early Learning Success Initiative at Simpson Central School, a rural school in Mississippi. Over a three year implementation period, The scores showed that the rates of proficiency on the MCT2 increased by 222% in language arts and 147% in math.




Published: Jan 14, 2016

The importance of early learning success

Published: Jan 14, 2016

Parent presentation, Calm Assertive Parenting, Routines

Published: Jan 14, 2016